Baked baby potatoes, Indian style

Veganmofo.  Day 16.  I am officially no longer in hibernation.

Mr.P, after many triumphs in cooking vegetables and main course dishes decided last month that it was time to expand his expertise.  He said he would like to learn baking, and wanted to start off with a fool-proof recipe.  Fool-proof recipes usually mean cooking with potatoes.  There is no way you can manage to get it wrong, even if you tried hard.  With Mr.P’s natural bent, it would be near impossible.  He made it the first time, and it came out incredibly good.  Since then, he has been roasting and baking vegetables as if they are disappearing from the face of earth! We, needless to say, have been stuffing our faces in it.

A couple of day ago, he bought baby potatoes.  I know one equation.

Baby Potatoes + Yum Factor = Dum Aloo

But Mr.P, was on a roll.  The oven beckoned.  He proposed another equation:

Baby Potatoes + Oven = Yum Factor”

I disagreed.  He set out to prove. The oven sang. I was wooed. And how! How? Well, like this;

Recipe: Baked baby potatoes, Indian style
Yield : Serves 3


Baby potatoes | Dum aloo waale aloo – About 30
Olive Oil – 3 tsps.
Dry mango powder | Aamchoor – 1/8 tsp. or less
Sea Salt – To taste
Lemon pepper | Kali mirch, nimbu ke saal ke saath – 1 tsp.
Thyme – 6-7 sprigs, optional


Pre-heat oven to 200 deg. C.

Wash, scrub and dry potatoes thoroughly with a towel.  You can halve some of the bigger ones.

In a jelly pan or baking tray, about 8 X 6 inches, or so, sprinkle some oil. I would do a teaspoon. Add potatoes, and the rest of the seasoning. Bash two sprigs of thyme and set aside with a teaspoon of oil. Do not add the entire portion of salt. Add half. Add a generous pinch of dry mango powder. Add lots of lemon pepper, about a teaspoonful, freshly crushed. Toss well.

Place the pan / tray in the center rack and bake at 200 deg. C. for 20 minutes. Remove, toss once more, adding another teaspoon of oil. Place in the oven. Mr.P cranked the temperature to 250 deg. C. Bake 20 minutes more.

Remove and check for done-ness. The skin should have shrivelled, and the potatoes shrunk. There may be a few dark spots, which is all the more better!  Check seasoning and balance with more salt and amchoor, only if needed.

Add the thyme and oil that was reserved. Toss well. Serve as a mid-morning appetizer or a starter. I would have liked coriander pesto to go with it, but we did not have coriander or mint to make mint to make mint chutney. Mr.P and I got two or three each. Jr.P and Jr.H made a grab for the rest!

It was a good Saturday. We gave in to some brazilian coffee with soy milk.

When I was  a kid in Kanpur, Ramlal, our kitchen help would collect new potatoes from the season’s harvest and toss them into the woodfire, where water would be heated for our bath.  While the ash was still hot he would roll them out with a stick, remove the skin, and place a plateful of the slightly-charred potatoes with fresh pudina chutney when we got back from school.  When I eat baked potatoes, to this day, I become the little eight year old girl, who by no means was the best looking kid.  Her laces would be undone, shirt pulled half out, hair unkempt, and she would run to Ramlal to greedily bite into aromatic aloos before washing up, the corners of her mouth would catch some of the black in the potatoes and the shirt would be stained. There would be repercussions when mum saw but in that moment she was the most blessed kid.

Lesson learnt
Baked Potatoes = Yum Factor



Harini is a vegan food photographer, writer and recipe developer. She also loves feeding birds, reading, watching crime thrillers, and travelling amongst other things.

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  • Indian Dishes

    Oh i love this. Just feeds my appetite. Its tasty and yummy!

  • Bharathi

    lovely lovely lovely photographs. the potatoes look so yummmy….i am drooling just looking at the pics…. there… you have enough material for your book now. I will come for the book signing all the way to Mumbai
    btw what is lemon pepper- you had mentioned ‘saal’ does it mean lemon peel

    • Harini

      Lemon-pepper is small bits of dried lemon peel added to the pepper, so that when you crush pepper you also crush the peel adding citrusy notes to the pepper. We have a company that sells it so we don’t have to do much except crush. But its quite easy to do at home. Hey thank you!! Thank you for the very kind encouragement! 🙂

  • Radhika @ Just Homemade

    Blogging a post a day! You make blogging look real easy, Harini 🙂
    Love all your Vegan MoFo recipes so far..
    And, Baked potatoes are crowd pleasers, anytime!
    That picture of potatoes in the basket is my fav..
    You sure do derserve to let your hair down (albeit short 😉 and put your feet up and relax, while the husband cooks..

    • Harini

      Thanks, Radhika. 🙂 Glad you like the recipes. Its a little hectic but it does become a little easier when Mr.P takes part too. And I really can’t let my hair go shorter – I will have to go bald. 😀 But I do like putting my feet up every once in a while.

  • Radhika

    This looks as fabulous as I’m sure it tastes. I’m drooling…. May I link this to my blog?

  • Kankana

    For me Potatoes in any form is YUM 😀 baked, mashed, boiled, fried .. in whatever form you give me .. it will always be YUM!

  • ujwal

    I am going to make this soon… I do not have baby potatoes but guess even the normal ones would do right? You are lucky a husband who cooks and also present it beautifully.. I am just drooling

    • Harini

      Yes, normal ones are perfect too. Yep! I am luck! 🙂

  • GiGi

    Thumbs up for Mr. P. and baby potatoes. Great shared memories too.

  • Tina

    This is on my must-make list for this week! Thanks for the childhood memory, how sweet 🙂

  • Suma Rowjee

    You are so lucky to have a hubby who loves to cook! Mine can’t (and won’t!) cook to save his his life or mine! :). So I guess a hubby who cooks + a wife who loves to cook = Yum factor a constant at home! So nice!

    Loved the potatoes, would love to sink my teeth into them! and right you can never go wrong with taters!

    • Harini

      Counting that as a blessing! Thanks, Suma. 🙂

  • Sanjeeta kk

    The pictures, your writing style and of course the recipe..what not to praise here! Just amazing post, and the recipe looks so simple to try. One of the luckiest ladies you are…am mailing this post to my hubby…hope he gets inspired 🙂

    • Harini

      He he! Cheeky. 🙂 I hope too that he gets inspired! Thanks!

  • Anjali

    Harini a very well written post. Baked potatoes with herbs in spices are almost magical, the simplest yet the best! Your hubby is on a roll and its so good to see the tem work of the TT family.

  • Anamika @ madcookingfusions

    Wow husband cooks and wife clicks :)! The aloo looks really tempting crisp and easy to make Harini…loved it!

    • Harini

      Mr.P has started hogging quite a bit of my space these days. It’s nice to sit back and have dishes presented restaurant-style sometimes. 🙂

  • Vijitha

    Posting a dish a day! You are on a roll for sure. I love oven roasted potatoes with rosemary or thyme dressing. Off late I am exploring it with purplep potatoes. Less starchy and make me feel guilt free after eating it 🙂

  • Richa

    how fun! i love bakes potatoes and with the thyme and amchur. yumm. gorgeous clicks:)

  • Shema George

    These baby potatoes are making me drool 🙂

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