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Medical awareness for high-altitude trekking – Part I

(This article will be published in two parts; Introduction to afflictions associated with high-altitude trekking (part – I) and better understanding of each of these conditions (part – II). If you have any doubts or need clarification please leave us a comment and we will address it in the next article or reply asap.) Trekking read more

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IFBM 2014 – First Indian Food Bloggers Meet

(The group photograph used in this post is courtesy of Aloft Bengaluru, CBP) Facebook and twitter were abuzz the whole of last month with #ifbm2014.  It is still ruling most of our posts.  On the 1st and 2nd of August, India had its first ever food bloggers meet. When I started blogging in 2006 (or read more


Going ‘slow’ in Mumbai

The last two decades have been good in terms of obvious progress in the fields of science and technology.  It means that I am able to connect globally from my doorstep and that is great.  Apart from the obvious the last decade has seen an influx of all things that we thought were ‘foreign’.  Foreign read more


Meeting Matt Preston

I am a huge fan of MasterChef Australia.  I do not have a TV set right now (yep! it is true!) but last Season I remember I used to rush into the kitchen as soon as I returned home, just so I could finish cooking dinner before the program aired.  I would force everyone to have read more


A street full of eats – Khaogali at Marine Lines

One of the features Mumbai is famous for is street food. Every area has its own ‘khao gali’ – khao meaning eat, and gali meaning lane. One such is the khao gali at Marine Lines (Next to UTI building). This street hosts many commercial and residential spaces apart from institutions, and holds many memories for read more


Vetro, The Oberoi during Restaurant Week 2011

The second restaurant week started on the 6th of February. It is a week where top restaurants of Mumbai offer their best foods to customers at a fraction of their actual rates for the same meal at any other time of the year. Since I am now working in the vicinity of some of the read more

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Why Vegan? And answers to some FAQ

Not many in India are aware that ‘guilt free diet’ (Plant based diet) is a dietary option.  Some assume it is the same as the Indian version of ‘pure vegetarian’ which translates as lacto-vegetarian.  The Hindi equivalent of ‘vegetarian’ – ‘shaakahari – is itself contradictory.  Shaakahari implies one who thrives on plants and yet it read more


Eating out – Kebab Korner at Inter Continental

When I had started this blog I had meant to review restaurants apart from share recipes but the change in diet restricted the ‘eating out’ sessions. During the last year however, I found that quite a few restaurants are open to idea of a vegan diet and come up with good alternatives. What do you think read more