Chocolate cake-ganache truffles with left-over chocolate cake


Autumn is my new year.  Autumn wakes me up from a lazy stupor that I run into at the end of the Rains.  Autumn fills me with zest and anticipation.  When is it ‘your’ new year?

It seemed appropriate that I should start the first post of this year with a sweet one.  So I decided to share an easy recipe for chocolate cake-ganache truffles.  It started out like this.  I made a moist chocolate cake as a gift on Christmas eve.  It looked good and I just did not have the patience to let it cool in the tin.  Within five minutes of bringing it out of the oven, I turned it out and all I had was broken chunks of good chocolate cake.  It was made with belgian dark chocolate and cocoa and I could not let it go waste.  If you are not comfortable making cakes, you could still create a beautiful dessert with your children with this recipe. They will love the chocolate mess it will create, as well as take pride in making truffles. If you have some leftover store bought chocolate cake you can use this recipe to make a new dessert out of it the next day. We do not need the icing for this, so just remove it before using the cake.

I did not use any flavouring this time.  But you could use any liqueur of your choice, strong black coffee or orange juice and zest with this recipe.

Recipe: Chocolate cake-ganache truffles
Deconstructed it means: A chocolate cake and chocolate ganache put together

Chocolate cake crumbs – 3 cups (I ran the chunks in the mixer to get fine bread crumbs)
Dark chocolate, broken – 1/3 cup (I used Belgian, really bitter)
Corn syrup – 1tsp. (optional but helps in getting a creamy texture)
Cream – 1/2 cup (I used vegan soy cream)
Powdered vanilla sugar – 2tbsps. (Optional – I used this to offset the bitterness of the chocolate)
Powdered pistachios (any powdered nut) – 1 cup

Place the cake crumbs in a mixing bowl and set aside. Place the broken bits of chocolate and sugar in a small mixing bowl. If chocolate is not bitter, do not add sugar. If you like them bitter avoid the sugar.

Place the cream in a saucepan and bring it to a boil on medium heat. Pour it while still hot, over a sieve into the chocolate and whisk well till the chocolate melts into a shiny, smooth glaze. Let sit or refrigerate to let it come to room temperature. It will thicken slightly.

Pour the glaze into the cake crumbs and mix well. It will turn into a sticky doughy mixture. Form balls and roll over cocoa, powdered nuts or flavoured cocoa powder. If you are serving this at a Child’s birthday party, make them cake pops, dip in chocolate and cover with sprinkles. My kids seem to have grown out of that now.

These are easy to make, travel well and make pretty gifts for Christmas or Thanksgiving. Besides you save the damaged cake.


Harini is a vegan food photographer, writer and recipe developer. She also loves feeding birds, reading, watching crime thrillers, and travelling amongst other things.

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  • Subha

    Very nice recipe..will try this for sure..I am planning to substitute with coconut cream instead of soy cream. Hope that works. Please visit my blog too when you have time.

  • nnua

    Thanks for the wonderful inspiration, your pics are lovely! I had heaps of an uninspiring chocolate chiffon cake to get rid of. Thought to make an English trifle until I saw your truffles recipe which I much prefer:)

    So I transformed the entire batch this afternoon. The dough was slightly too wet making it hard to handle but the original cake texture was probably too moist. Added cocoa powder in an attempt to thicken it. I used ground almond for powdering since I had it at hand. This recipe will be my go-to remedy for salvaging a blah cake in the future, thanks!!

    • Harini

      Thanks for the feedback, nnua. So glad you enjoyed the recipe. 🙂

  • Katherine Martinelli

    These look delicious! Way to turn what could have been a disaster into something wonderful.

  • Madhuli

    Thanks Harini.I am in Nasik..will see if I can find it here..or on my next trip to Crawford market 🙂

  • Deeps @ Naughty Curry

    this reminds me of cake pops that i ate long back.. i really like the rolling in pista part.. jazzes it up 🙂

  • Rachana

    Thats a delicious way to use the left over cake. The truffles looks really stunning.

    Great photography!

  • Jyoti

    That is a great idea to use left over cake or turn cake disaster into a delicious dessert.. I think I would try out soon with some left over cake crumbs( i get a lot of them while levelling a cake for icing).. Thanks! Btw.. Happy new year! Cheers!

    • Harini

      Thanks Jyoti!

      • Vidya

        Yummmmm…looks so good!
        Love your photography!

  • Notyet100

    Ummm delicious,wish ya great year ahead,…

  • Madhuli

    The truffles look fabulous. Just one question, where did you get Soy cream? Thanks.

    • Harini

      Madhuli, we get soy cream at Crawford Market in Mumbai. The common brands are ‘rich’ and ‘toptolite’. I prefer the latter which has a better texture. Where do you stay?

  • Jennifer (Delicieux)

    I’m like you, I can’t let things go to waste, so I love that you were able to salvage the chocolate cake, and perhaps, make it even better! Your truffles truly look divine, and I love your beautiful photos.

    Happy New Year 😀

    • Harini

      Welcome Jennifer! Thanks for your kind words and wishes! Glad that we think alike. 🙂 Wishing you the very best for the new year!

  • Pinky

    A gr8 treat at the start of the new year……….was just thinking of preparing truffles which i had seen on siri’s blog and here comes another good recipe…will hv to give this a try ….plng to prepare a cake for this.

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