Vegan Dalia (broken wheat) and Almond Porridge

When they woke up and stood next to me, Jr.H looked out and said, ‘It’s raining cats and dogs.’

“No. Hippos and rhinos!” I said. I had coined this phrase when I was Jr.P’s age. The phrase ‘cats and dogs’ did not do justice to the sight of a downpour, hence ‘hippos and rhinos’.

‘Ha’ was all the son said. ‘Ha?’ I asked facing him and giving him my ‘how dare you ‘ha’ your ma look’. The look has lost its edge, having been used much too oft. He looked at me right in the eye and said, ‘It is raining ‘APATOSAURUS! I laughed a mirthless, mean laugh (the kind some people call a hyena’s laugh for if you have heard a hyena, it emits funny sounds that are high pitched and uneven but please – they are not laughing! And said, ‘Ha…. ha…’ (The same tone as his ‘ha’).” If you can say ‘H and R’ why can I not say ‘A and A’,” he asked, thinking I was smug. “Mine sounds better,” I said. “Mine,” he said looking defiant. I was smug – in a way! It is one of the best phrases I coined as a kid.

There, I had passed on a little bit of ‘me’ to my son. We were both illogically logical. I wiped tears of joy and said later, “I am proud of you!”, and hugged him – Oh yes! I am very filmy, and I know it!

But that was after Jr.H stepped in as arbitrator and suggested ‘hippos and dinos’.

Long and short is that I escaped getting caught in the rain as I did not go to work during the last two days. I was home to welcome the children when they returned from school and served them warm and tasty bowls of Broken Wheat And Almond Porridge – brings on the upward curve. I found this in the tupperware pamphlet M Aunty gave me sometime back. It is an ideal baby food too – quick, tasty and nourishing.

Recipe: Broken Wheat And Almond Porridge
Serves: 1 hungry child

Roasted broken wheat / lapsi / dalia – 2 tbsp.
Almonds (badam – I use mamra badam) – 4 or 5 (split into two, chop fine and roast till pink)
Jaggery (gud) – 1 tbsp. or more powdered
Banana (I use elaichi kela, a local variant) – 1 mashed
Soy / Rice / Almond Milk (I use rice or soy milk infused with vanilla stick and ground with 4 soaked cashews) – 1.5 cups


Powder the toasted dalia and almonds together to a coarse, grainy mixture in a wok. Add the rest of the ingredients and cook for 5-7 minutes till soft.

Serve warm.

It makes a good breakfast as well as energizing evening meal.

I roast 1/2 kilo of broken wheat till it releases a characteristic nutty flavour. Cool and powder it along with 20 roasted and chopped almonds and store this coarse powder. When I need to make the porridge I simply take the amount of powder required (usually 3-4 tbsp. is enough for both). This way the porridge becomes an instant one and gets done under 10 minutes.

Usually it is Jr.H who makes the porridge after getting back home. She does not mind making this as it is easy and both like it very much. Jr.H uses milk and sugar without vanilla flavouring. My son adds a tsp. of raisins to his bowl.

P.S: Did anyone see H.P and the H.B.P? How is it?

Please note:

Following suggestions, and finding that bulgar wheat is not the same as broken wheat, the terms have been updated in this post.


Harini is a vegan food photographer, writer and recipe developer. She also loves feeding birds, reading, watching crime thrillers, and travelling amongst other things.

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  • Preeti Kashyap

    wow..i so love th bananas on the porridge!!..gonna try it soon!

  • Red Chillies

    Beautiful pictures, I am so awed. I love Dalia payasa and liked the idea of adding almond to it.

  • Sunshinemom

    Ivy, thanks for correcting me! I will check and edit.:)

    Sharmila, I know you aren't! I make sweet things for the kids too. I am myself always in favour of savory stuff!

    Jayasree, thanks!

    Saee, welcome. Yes, I am based right in Thane! What about you?

    Sweatha, that was Harry Potter! He he! I saw the movie and felt like giving Mr.David Yates a piece of my mind!! 80% of teh story was cut!

    Madhuram, thank you so much for the info.!! I am waiting for you to drop in Mumbai:)

  • lissie

    delicious and healthy porridge! Italian roasted brinjal seems to be interesting…
    I have send you my entry for the event. Plz check you e-mail.

  • Madhuram

    I make a salt porridge (kanji) regularly with buttermilk, cumin/pepper powder, hing and salt. The same with oats too. Actual oats kanji is my husband's breakfast everyday for the past 4 years.

    One more thing Harini, actually bulgur and cracked/broken wheat are not the same, though it is used interchangeably in most places. I wrote it just now for one of my BC posts. Wheat cooked, sun dried and broken into small pieces is bulgur. Just re-hydrating(soaking) it in hot water is enough to consume it. Whereas cracked/broken wheat is, what the name suggests, wheat berries broken into pieces, which requires cooking. Of course the cooking time depends on how fine or coarse the wheat is broken.

  • Lakshmi Venkatesh

    Yummy and addictive porridge. As usual a superb click.

  • Curry Leaf

    Yummy healthy and delicious.I prefer 'hippos and rhinos' than A&A.Well you bribe hm with this porridge and Jr P will surely say H & R.
    "HBP"? I did not get me,These days age is making its impact it seems.I am becoming lazier and lazier and blaming it on the climate.
    Expect my entry today am posting one now.

  • Saee Koranne-Khandekar

    Hey! I made this for breakfast today and was so impressed that I made a dabba-ful to keep in the office drawer. Yum yum yum!

    Btw, are you based in Thane?

  • Dibs

    Dalia porridge – sounds perfect for a rainy day! Its raining amoebas and viruses this part of the world!!

  • jayasree

    Healthy kanjee is delicious too. Enjoyed reading ur rhyming session.

  • Sharmila

    That dalia looks great in that leafy dona Harini! Since am not too fond of anything sweet I make dalia upma. 🙂

  • Ivy

    What a lovely recipe with bulgar wheat. I've never tried any sweet recipes with bulgar. I think that Babaghanoush is an Arab dish.

  • ?peachkins?

    I love the porridge shots! and I love Bananas in porridge!

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