Fresh corn and alfalfa salad

I debated whether I should post this salad. Salads are so easy to assemble that it seems too much to give it a post but the pictures scream ‘Spring’ and it seemed so right for those of you who are experiencing the Winter chill. Just a fistful of alfalfa sprouts give it an extra dimension adding juice and water in every bite.

There isn’t much of a recipe. Shell fresh sweet corns off the cob and steam with a pinch of salt till tender. This should not take more than five to ten minutes for about 200g of corns. Remove, cool to room temperature and place in a wide mixing bowl. Add halved cherry tomatoes (about 5), tender parsley or mint leaves, a dash of fresh ground pepper (I am heavy on this one), a pinch of dry oregano and salt. Squeeze half a lime (1/2tsp.), throw in a fistful of alfalfa sprouts and give it a good toss.

Serve and watch it disappear! Thane is famous for fresh corn and we make full use of the availability. My children take this quite often for ‘short break’ as it is nutritious and has enough carbs to get them through to ‘long break’:). My daughter puts this together in the evenings too when the two of them really feel like they need something before Mum comes home to cook dinner!


Harini is a vegan food photographer, writer and recipe developer. She also loves feeding birds, reading, watching crime thrillers, and travelling amongst other things.

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  • Sharmilee! :)

    Looks colorful and yummy! New comer here…absolutely luved ur site!

  • PJ

    Although salads seem really easy to prepare it is indeed an art in itself to assemble the right ingredients together.. and you have nailed it in this one! I am a major salad and soup lover and this one seems wonderful! Great clicks too 🙂

  • Madhuram

    You should have seen him make me feel so guilty when I was pregnant. He used to ask me how am I eating sprouts when I'm carrying a baby myself. It really took 3-4 years for me to recover from that. In the past 4 years I think I have prepared sprouts only once.

  • Sunshinemom

    Now, that is some explanation, Madhuram! I never thought of it that way:).

  • Madhuram

    Harini you should not hesitate to post such healthy and easy to make dishes. Day by day I'm really surprised to see all the things which are available in India. Alfalfa sprouts too!

    I'm a sprouts fan but not my husband. It's not the taste, he tells that sprouts if let to grow can turn into a plant, so by eating it we are killing a life. I wish somebody gives a convincing clarification for this.

  • Sunshinemom

    Shri, thanks! I am trying to get rid of flickr from my rss feed and not able to do that!! Your comment comes as an encouragement not to do that:), though it costs me a few 'unsubscriptions'!!

  • Shri

    I just adore your pics, Harini!BTW, the photo of 'The lady in beige and White';) was gorgeous!

  • Usha

    Lovely salad and definitely something to keep in mind when spring arrives here…

  • Curry Leaf

    Wow,Healthy and did you get the alfalfa? Better to snack on this than other commercially available Tasty-but unhealthy snacks.
    As for the question on Barley flour,i bght barley rice and ground it into flour.
    BTW,if you think this salad is simple then check my latest recipe ,nothing but caramelized bananas so easy anyone could do 😉 Clicking pics took more time than making

  • s

    colourful salad..if my salads looked like this wouldnt mind living on just salads!

  • Joanne

    Sometimes the simplest recipes are the most delicious ones. This is definitely a blogworthy dish! I need this to remind me that summer will come again…

  • Sunshinemom

    Sharmila, we have slight chills in the morning and I just make the most of it!

    Nithya, let's hug! I want some cold:)

    Hey Cham, that is weird:), but there have to be exceptions otherwise the rule fails:)

    Soma, next time I better be careful with what I say, I do not want to miss your pics or recipes!!

  • Soma

    Harini I am so charmed by your pictures.By this time you must know that i loved salads and this one is as beautiful as it looks.

    (you debated before posting salads? then I should stop blogging;-D )

  • nithya praveen

    Corns go so well in salads…i simply love them.Looks wonderful Harini.I am sitting at -8deg C,guess this salad wud surely do good to me:)

  • chakhlere

    Lovely salad. I love anything with corn…great!

  • Cham

    Call me weird- I love to eat cold salad/ ice cream in wintery day. It is a real thrill for the palatte! I like alfalfa sprout- stuff in sandw!

  • Happy cook

    Love that salade. Looks so healthy too. Wish my daughter ate all the veggie i prepare.

  • Parita

    Gorgeous picture!!

  • Sharmila

    It does look fresh & beautifully arranged Harini! Winter chill … we are still waiting. 🙂

  • jayasree

    Salad looks very colorful and inviting. It sure makes a healthy snack.

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