Fresh ragi sweet ~ Fresh finger millets with coconut and jaggery

It’s once more time for me to introduce another inspiring blogger.  This time a vegan, a good friend and very talented ‘monster’ and jewellery maker – Susmitha.

Before I visited Bangalore in October, Susmitha, Karol and I had already plans to meet up for dinner via facebook.  I told Sush I had to look at her cute creations before dinner.  I can’t praise her house enough.  Her love for art shows all over her house.  This is one of the coziest homes I have ever visited – aesthetically appealing, little corners to display her jewelery and little monsters, happy photographs that exude positivism, a little plot for her green thumb, and her warm kitchen!  I am not sure whether the enticing aroma of delicious choco-chip cookies had anything to do with the magic I felt.  I not only devoured a few but also got myself a goodie bag to take home.  Unfortunately it was late when I reached and I did not get good pictures. I learnt then, that sometimes one should use the flash on the camera.  If not for my insistence to shoot without flash, I would have been able to treat you to some lovelies today.  For the time being I will just leave you with a picture of the bright, vegan girls – Karol and Susmitha.  Some other time when I visit Bangalore I shall make it a point to visit her early when there is light and share with you some of the dainty aspects of the home I mentioned.

As soon as I tasted the cookies, I knew I had to get her here and share her blog with my readers.  Susmitha is a vegan and animal activist and believes in creating treats that are wholesome and easy to make.  Today, she has brought us all a very easy and special treat.  I am sure many of you will associate with this healthy snack as the one your grandmom made.  I did.  I was also very impressed that the recipe uses ‘finger millet’ kernels harvested at home! Mighty fine, isn’t it?

Please welcome Susmitha Veganosaurus.


I vividly remember the first time I laid eyes on Tongue Ticklers last year (it was at its old tumyumtreats url at that time), the featured recipe was for Idli. Being a vegan food photographer/blogger myself with friends from all over the globe with impressive vegan blogs, it isn’t very easy to bowl me over with food photography but one look at Harini’s work and I knew I would be a fan for life.

I had the pleasure of meeting Harini in person when she was visiting Bangalore last year and I was stoked to be able listen to the story behind her signature prop, the blue wooden board, in person. 😀

She asked me to write up this post for her many months ago but I never got around to doing it until now, partly because life got in the way but mainly because I really had no idea what to write about. Or rather, which recipe to share. I could have easily just taken something I was writing up for my own blog and passed it along but I wanted to do something special. Then a few weeks ago I made this sweet dish with fresh Ragi kernels that I’d grown in my own house and somehow I knew *this* was the recipe which I wanted featured on Tongue Ticklers.

This is my very first guest blog post ever and I’m truly happy to be starting here. 🙂

I remember eating this simple dessert when I was kid. We lived in a joint family then and my aunt had somehow got her hands on fresh Ragi (which isn’t easy to come by unless you live on or know someone with a Ragi farm) and made this yummy thing for all of us. I ate it just that once but I never forgot how delicious it was.

Flash forward to adult me… A few months ago, I was trying to sprout grains of Ragi at home but they were taking forever and after a couple of days they did start sprouting but they also grew small amount of fungus on them. Since I felt bad to just throw them out, I just dumped them into flower pots in the hope that they would compost in the soil. Instead, they started to turn into beautiful little green, grassy plants.

When it was about 3 inches high, I tasted the Ragi grass thinking maybe I could make a Wheat grass like juice out of it but it really doesn’t taste that great. However, not having the heart to uproot the plants I just continued to water them. Over time they got longer and longer, one even grew as tall as me! And just when I was beginning to think that I had a very pointless Ragi grass forest in my limited garden space, I spied a wee little kernel of Ragi on one of the plants. I was super thrilled!! 🙂

When I was able to harvest a decent handful of plum, yet green Ragi kernels I made the delicious dish from my childhood. And having quickly clicked some pictures, I proceeded to relish it.

The recipe in itself is very simple. You just need to patiently grow your own Ragi and you’re all set.

Recipe: Quick sweet dish with fresh ragi [finger millet]


2 handfuls freshly harvested Ragi

3 T freshly grated Coconut

1 T Agave Nectar (the original recipe calls for Jaggery but I’d run out, however Agave did the trick)


Steam the Ragi for about 20 minutes. Add the Coconut and Agave/Jaggery. Enjoy! 🙂


Delicious and healthy snacks should ideally be such.  They should retain nutrition and save time on cooking!  For more delicious vegan desserts, both simple and exotic, please visit Susmitha’s blog or follow her on facebook.


Harini is a vegan food photographer, writer and recipe developer. She also loves feeding birds, reading, watching crime thrillers, and travelling amongst other things.

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  • Anjali

    The caviarish ragi is incredibly beautiful! I for one have driven over heaps of ragi that farmers put on the village roads around blr for free chaffing by motorists but have never gone so close to check out those ears. Must do when I am anywhere near a ragi field.

  • Radhika @ Just Home Made

    Wonderful post Harini and Susmitha!
    Fresh Raagi looks so pristine.. had never seen one before..
    the recipe is as pristine as the raagi itself.. Bet it was super scrumptious..

  • GiGi

    Wow I must state I’ve never seen anything like this in the states. Beautiful and fascinating post. Thank you for featuring my buddy Susmithy 🙂 Harini, Can’t wait to see the delightful house’s nooks and crannies, next time you visit.

    • Harini

      I haven’t seen this here in India, Gigi! My pleasure to have Susmitha here. 🙂

  • Spandana

    Nice recipe harini and sushmita. I never saw fresh raagi before.. the pics look very delicious… I am not sure if we can get fresh raagi at normal stores though.
    Glad to know you Sushmita… you have wonderful space!!

  • Preethi

    I LOVED this recipe Sushmita and Harini. What a treat to see this beautiful, fresh ragi plant!

  • Richa@HobbyandMore

    i’ve never seen ragi plant before too:).. super cool dish susmitha! darn, i would have loved to see some corners with monsters at sus’s house!

    • Harini

      Next time, Richa, I promise I will bring back some of those beautiful corners! 🙂

  • manasi

    I had never seen fresh Ragi. It looks so beautiful and fresh, perfect, just like nature intended.

  • prathibha

    I have tasted the fresh ragi and quite liked the taste of it.. n also tried this combination..but noww its rare 2 get the fresh ragi..

  • Nandita

    I had never seen fresh ragi before this. The recipe and the photographs are brilliant. Great post from sushmita 🙂

  • Cham

    I had no idea how ragi would look like fresh! I love the green hue and never even seen or heard about a fresh ragi recipe. Great guest blogger post!

  • Susmitha - Veganosaurus

    Harini, thank you so much for hosting a guest post by me in your blog today. It is an honor to be on Tongue Ticklers! 🙂

  • Bharathi

    wow!!! i just loved the pictures of the ragi plant…when i looked at the picture I wondered what that green thing was….a rare recipe and so simple too… my friend has a lovely home garden here and has some great veggies growing… will ask her grow some ‘ragi’ and try out this recipe.
    Harini -thanks for introducing us to Sushmita

    • Harini

      I too would not have guessed this to be ragi if I had not read Susmitha’s entire post when she sent it to me. I am so glad you found this inviting. She has many other mouth watering recipes on her blog that I am sure you will find exciting!

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