Gobi ke parathe – Indian flatbread filled with spiced cauliflower

Every day we indulge in this exercise called ‘search my glasses’ (chudamani, chudamani, yenga irrukku, kandupidi!) that seem to mysteriously disappear the moment they are off my nose. Aarya finds it most interesting and insists on playing it all the time even when they are on my person! How does one deny a game of ‘search my specs’ to a chubby, cherubic five year old? I succumb!

Some time back, having given up hope of finding them I carried on with my routine. They were eventually sighted when I hung up the clothes in the machine. Somehow they had found their way to be washed and were full of scratches and had to be given for changing the lenses which predictably did not happen as I had a spare set of glasses for such occasions.

Last week as I was getting ready for the night, I removed my spare set of glasses and placed them on the bed, applied a bit of the newly bought under-eye cream when my daughter came in telling me about her day. When it started off with ‘oh-oh’ and I knew what would follow!

‘My specs?’ A nod and almost the end of the world. I have only one spare set.

I am astigmatic.ย It has nothing to do with asthma, and nor am I pragmatic. It is a small vision error which leads to severe headache if I do not have my glasses on. I have been dealing with it the past five days before I finally got back both my glasses with new lenses. Now seeing things brighter and clearer I realize how many scratches my earlier ones had developed in just a year. I have had a really eventful journey when it comes to ‘how I broke my glasses’ during my lifetime. More about that later.

The break was good. I would come back and live normally, eat and sleep like the rest of the people I know instead of craning my neck and admiring pictures and posts and blogging or sticking to facebook. Yes, that was a much needed break!

There was no escape from the kitchen unfortunately. I had to cook to feed, live and enjoy good health. My breakfast a few mornings ago was ‘gobi ke parathe’ which translates into ‘stuffed cauliflower flatbreads and an apple. I love apples. I love gobi parathas better so I ate them and cut the apples and forced my kids to have them saying they were good for health and that they build immunity, after they finished the parathas.

Recipe: Gobi ke parathe – Indian wholewheat flatbread with spiced cauliflower

Making the dough


Whole wheat flour – About 2 cups
Water, Oil (optional), salt to taste


Take the flour in a bowl and add salt Make a well in the center and pour a little water and oil (if needed – I never use oil for roti or paratha dough). Mix well and knead into a soft dough using water as required. The dough should not be sticky or hard. You should be able to make a dent in it without applying much pressure and yet the dough should not spread out when you do so – I guess thats the best way I can describe the consistency! Leave it for about 15 minutes to let the dough relax. Meanwhile prepare the filling.



Cauliflower – About 250g.
Ajwain/Carom seeds – 1/4tsp.
Salt to taste
Oil – 1/4 tsp.
Garam masala – 1/4tsp.
1 green chilli chopped fine
1/2″ginger grated


Grate cauliflower tops in a medium sized grater discarding the stalks.

Heat the oil in a pan. When hot sizzle the carom seeds, add the chillies and ginger followed by cauliflower gratings, salt and garam masala.

Saute till the moisture dries up a little. Takes about 2minutes.

Remove and set aside to bring to room temperature.

Method for making the parathas

It is the same as any other paratha but I love cauliflower stuffing a lot. See my aloo paratha videoย for step-by-step method to form the parathas. ย Parathas are best served hot and with pickle.


Harini is a vegan food photographer, writer and recipe developer. She also loves feeding birds, reading, watching crime thrillers, and travelling amongst other things.

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  • meeso

    I always love to see this… your picture really shows it off, looks so yummy!

  • Anushruti


  • Simply Life

    Looks great!

  • Uj

    Love your gobi paratha.. I make something similar but add in more spices. I love your pics and find it really difficult to take my eyes off the screen.. Gosh I have so much to learn!

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  • Soma

    LOL Harini.. you always put me on my best moods. with your writing:-)

    This paratha look so good with that pickle on the top!.. now i am going to make Arjun happy with some gobi paratha.. haven't made it in a long time.

  • Soma

    LOL Harini.. you always put me on my best moods. with your writing:-)

    This paratha look so good with that pickle on the top!.. now i am going to make Arjun habby with some gobi paratha.. haven't made it in a long time.

  • Kitchen Flavours

    Gobi paratha the name sounds very filmy to me…..i don't know why? Paratha's look soft and yum…..

  • Vaishali

    Love love love parathas, and especially with gobi! Delicious. I started using reading glasses last year, and although I have two pairs too, heaven forbid I can find one when I need them! What is it with glasses?

  • Uma

    tempting parathas! Yum ๐Ÿ™‚

  • Priya

    Wow paratha looks great, am drooling here…lovely dishes..

  • s

    Your pics are mind blowing..great great blog…

  • Shaista Tabrez

    was a silent follower of urs for a very long time but now I am going public…love ur space

  • John

    All of your foods look so exotic. I can't wait to try some!

  • meeso

    That first pictures is awesome… great photography ๐Ÿ™‚

  • Priti

    Looks yum….

  • Aparna

    You are a good mom! ๐Ÿ™‚ Its been pouring here for the past 5 days and it is perfect hot paratha weather!

    Luckily for me, I haven't lost my glasses yet.
    When are you coming down here, btw?

  • Shri

    Love the picture and great parathas!Delicious:)

  • Indhu

    gobi paratha looks yumm.. I am hopeless at making parathas… the stuffing comes out and the whole thing becomes such a mess ๐Ÿ™

    love the picture ๐Ÿ™‚

  • Pavani

    Loved reading your troubles with glasses. One idea would be to get the string that attaches to them, so you can always have them hanging around ur neck. I'm totally blind without glasses, so mine are always on person. ๐Ÿ˜€
    Gobi paratha looks yumm.. Nice pics.

  • aquadaze

    lovely click!! love parathas in any stuffing

  • Happy cook

    Hi hi this happend to me too, hubbies sunglasses were in the shirt pocket and i washed them in the machine last month, had to buy a new one too.
    Delicous parathas.

  • Preeti Kashyap

    Yummy! Looks Delicious!

  • Parita

    Gobi Paratha looks delicious! gorgeous click!

  • Sharmila

    Yum yum yum … gobhi parathas always remind me of cold winter nights. Love them .. but not with apples. ๐Ÿ™‚
    I tried to post a comment yesterday on your sambar post Harini … but could not find 'post a comment' place.

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