Herbed Hasselback potatoes or Accordion potatoes

Some weekdays I am so excited I make a lot of things in the morning but forget to cook my packed lunch. Today was one such. It just happened that I had been to Jambli Naka, Thane’s main vegetable market area a couple of days back and bought home vegetables enough to last the whole week. Yesterday P on his way back from buying fruits found some veggies tempting and bought in another bunch. The result is that I am in a marathon cooking race in order to finish the vegetables while they are still fresh.

Last night I made vegan chikoo ice creams and as I am writing this I am slurping on a delicious, creamy scoop. But this isn’t about the ice cream. This is about the potatoes that were threatening to fall off from the ‘tokri’  [basket] that precariously held them. The potatoes we get during summer is ideal for baking. They are large and oblong with thin, smooth skin. They are convenient for slicing half-way, but you can use any size as long as you are fine with the slicing.

Hasselback potatoes have nothing to do with David Hasselhoff. This simple yet brilliant dish comes from Sweden and takes its name from Hasselbacken, the restaurant that first served them. It is not very different from baked potatoes and yet there is brilliance in the recipe. This recipe renders crusty tops but supremely tender insides.

So what is so great about baked potatoes, whether they are wedges or accordion like? There are many things that work for me in this dish. They are not as oily, heavy or messy. You won’t need a sauce to serve. The herbs inside the slices remain tender and do not dry up as in potato wedges. They look nice too and that helps when you have a fussy kid.

Dish: Vegan Herbed Hasselback Potatoes or Accordion Potatoes
Yield: Serves 2
My recipe is adapted from Chicho’s kitchen


Large, oblong potatoes, Season’s new ones preferably – 2
Garlic powder – 1/2 tsp.
Red pepper flakes – 1/2 tsp.
Olive oil – 3 tbsps.
Nutritional yeast flakes (optional) – 1 tbsp.
Mix of fresh chives. coriander, rosemary, thyme, parsley – 3 tbsps. (any herbs)
Black salt or kala namak – 2 pinches
Sea salt to taste


Pre-heat oven at 220 deg. C.

Wash and scrub potatoes in cold water and pat dry. Place potatoes on the longer side and slice thin (mine were about 4mm thick) three quarters down. Do not slice all the way down or you will cut the potatoes. The reason for not slicing all the way is to let the potatoes fan out after baking and retain the herbs inside.

In a small bowl mix the oil with the rest of the ingredients. Using a cutlery knife, scoop small portions and apply the herb mixtures in between the slices well.

Roll potatoes in the bowl to cover with left over herb and oil mixture on the outside too.

Line baking pan with foil. Place the potatoes on it. Bake for about 50 minutes at 220 deg. C till the skin becomes brown and crisp.

Garnish with herbs used inside. Serve immediately.

Meanwhile alphonsos are here and making their seductive presence felt all the time. I still haven’t had enough of the fruits, so incorporating them in desserts is not happening yet.


Harini is a vegan food photographer, writer and recipe developer. She also loves feeding birds, reading, watching crime thrillers, and travelling amongst other things.

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  • Sonal

    U dont ‘ve to think too hard to figure out the why!I developed a deep interest in cooking primarily coz of being a vegan.Cooking doesn’t come like they say ‘naturally’ to me.Given a chance,I’d prefer my vegan yummies to b served out to me, rather than me slogging out in the kitchen to make ’em!Hey!I did get tapioca flour.’Kuch to milaa’!!!Does it resemble arrowroot powder a lot?Mine one does!The SouthIndian shopkeeper insisted its tapioca flour.Since the pack isn’t company labelled,I’ve no option but to believe him!Waiting for the more normal(!!!) ,i.e. soy yougurt to set.Here it takes atleast 24 hrs. easily to get it set.I wonder how is it with others.Same time with u guys?
    Sonal Vegan

    • Harini

      Sonal, thanks for getting back! I am so glad you got tapioca flour! That is something we don’t get.:) I will try other Mallu shops here. Yes, tapioca is white in colour and resembles arrowroot powder. Good luck! Soy yogurt should not take you more than 5 hours even when the weather is around 30 deg. C. It sets exactly like dahi with the same jelly like consistency.

  • Sonal

    I think u ver right. . . the look of slightly on the sophisticated side,eg.the whole intact peel may not b taken in very kindly by small kids.Cud u plz. refer to me some economical , easy to make finger foods for 5-6 yr. old ard. 60 children?I might b the lone cook so . . .if that cud b considered!?!
    ‘ve made b’day invitees from newspaper sheets!God knows how wud the parents / guest kids respond to them!
    Sonal Vegan

    • Harini

      Hey Sonal, I will do that in some time tonight or tomorrow morning. I am sure everyone will like your invites, Sonal! Also, so sorry about how the cashew curd turned out for you. I am trying to figure out why!

  • Swati

    U know i absolutely love potatoes…. in any form! And this looks so pretty on top of being a potato 😀 am so gonna try this tomorrow!
    I have just discovered ur blog and the many potato and other recipes in store. looking forward to trawling it at leisure… love ur pictures by the way! absolutely delightful 🙂

  • Saee Koranne-Khandekar

    Pretty potatoes!

  • meashie112

    Dear Harini,

    Is there anything called drooling to death? the first one is potatoes…the next is the fistful of delight aka apla hapoos amba…the scent almost chases you down the street in this season:)
    Lovely tempting photoes 🙂

  • Sunshinemom

    Thanks all!

    Viji, how are you? So good to see you here:). Now, that comparison tells me that looks can be mighty deceiving:). But I prefer this tame dish any day over the poor pig!

  • Vcuisine

    Looks like honey brazed ham Harini. Hope you are doing well. Viji

  • Ira Rodrigues

    oh, how i missed those alphonso, they are the best. i've lived in goa for 6 years and the alphonso seasonal is the most fruit seasonal i always fancy.

  • Manisha

    Anything potatoes and we're sold! These look very inviting! As for that slice of hapoos? You're killing here!

  • Curry Leaf

    Wow,Wonderful Potatoes. Never tried it this way. Mangoes are making appearances here also,but am yet to see King Alphonso

  • Sarah

    What a fabulous way to make potatoes. the pics are making me droll! good and sweet mangoes are still elusive in Bangalore… maybe in a few weeks.. But at present, I am gorging on mangoes and jackfruit in Kerala 🙂

  • Suman Singh

    Love potatoes in any form and this looks great and delicious..

  • Sunshinemom

    Thanks, Priya and Michelle! Do let me know how it turned out for you:).

  • Michelle Peters - Jones

    Harini, those look gorgeous and so easy to make. I am planning to make them for Easter dinner now, so thank you for sharing 🙂

    Love your pictures!

  • Priya (Yallapantula) Mitharwal

    This is an excellent idea, I am going to try it out soon 🙂

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