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The recipe-index has been categorized according to ‘course’ alongwith categories for ‘gluten-free recipes’, ‘Palakkad-Iyer recipes’ and ‘Festive recipes’.  Under these main categories the recipes are placed in alphabetical order.

I hope you enjoy browsing through, and trying out the recipes. Feedback is much appreciated. Please connect via my facebook page or follow me on instagram and share your try-outs of my recipes. 🙂 Salt, sugar and chilli p may need adjustment as per individual palate. Many of the recipes on this site are original as in; they are different from traditional methods, mostly because they have been improvised with available ingredients and have been modified to be made vegan.

Basic Recipes for any kitchen

Coconut cream and coconut butter

End of the week vegetable stock
Garam masala

Molgaipodi ~ Gunpowder

Spanish tomato sauce
Thair chaadam – Curd rice; Oh yes! It’s vegan. 🙂


Vegan yogurt or dahi with cashew milk with chilli crown as starter


Beverages – Hot & cold

Aam ka panna ~ Raw mango mocktail

Bottle gourd juice
Chaas and Neer Mor – Salty Buttermilk 2 ways
Mango Soup – Raw
Muskmelon soup – Raw

Vegan buttermilk – 4 ways

Salads, starters and snacks

Accordion potatoes or Hasselback potatoes
Aloo Chaat
Baked baby carrots with herb toppings
Baked, stuffed potatoes with herbed vegan cheese dip
Baked potatoes
Begun Bhaja
Broccoli salad
Cabbage, thyme and peanut salad

Cauliflower salad

Chana jor garam
Chickpea Salad with basic Italian dressing
Corn and Alfalfa Sprouts Salad
Corn and vegetable croquette

Couscous salad
Kothimbir vadi
Masal vadai – lentil fritters
Mung bean and pine nuts salad
Oven-dried tomatoes

Phalon ki chaat

Potato fritters and bondas

Stuffed mushrooms

Tandoori Aloo – I
Tandoori Aloo – II
Tandoori Gobi

Vegetable cutlets

Moth beans sprouts salad



Carrot, leek and zucchini soup
Chickpea pasta soup
Ginger Lemon Soopa
Molagu rasam – Mulingtawny soup for the love of Wodehouse
Pumpkin soup

Tiffins – Small meals

(Nashta or tiffins are small meals typically taken as breakfast or supper.  These small meals often replace dinner during periods of fasting. Though small in portion; tiffin may turn out very filling and may contain grains, vegetables and pulses forming a full meal by itself.)

Adai – GF
Baayamma Upma – GF
Chana dal ka chilla – GF
Dosa with chinese stir-fry filling – GF
Handvo ~ A guest post for Xiaolu

Idli – GF
Idli with mung dal (split and husked green gram) – GF
Kaanda pohe – GF
Neer Dosa, and the cast iron trophy – GF
Pancakes – 3 ways; GF included

Polenta with Root celery, green beans & pecan nuts – A guest post by Lakshmi

Semiya upma

Ullundu Vadai or Medu Vada – GF

Upma kozhakottai – GF

Uppu kozhakottai – I – GF
Uppu kozhakottai – II – GF


Sides – Dips and miscellaneous accompaniments

Thakkali thokku – version I

Cashew parsley dip – works great for sandwiches too

Sides – With gravy

(The typical Indian meal with rice as the central dish needs a side with gravy as well as a dry side. The gravy is mixed with the rice to form a saucy consistency and the dry side-dish completes it. When the meal revolves around flatbreads cooks may skip a gravy on the side but in my opinion it is a must to complete the meal.)

Akbari Chhole – Chickpea in freshly ground aromatic onion-tomato gravy
Aloo Gobi Rasedar – Cauliflower and potato in basic onion-tomato gravy
Arachhu utta sambar  – Lentils cooked with vegetables in an aromatic coconut & tamarind sauce
Aviyal – Vegetables in vegan yogurt and coconut gravy
Chane ki dal – Bengal gram lentil sauce
Dal tadka – Pigeon pea lentil sauce
Dhingri Badaami – Mushrooms in almond based brown gravy
Gatte banane ki viddhi – Making gatte, step by step
Gatte ki kadhi – the vegan version
Gatte ki subzi – Besan dumplings in green gravy
Keerai Molagootal – Spinach in coconut gravy
Lauki kofta ~ Bottle gourd dumplings in tomato gravy
Mah ki dal or Dal Maharani or Kali Dal
Masoor ki dal – Red gram lentil

Mathan erissery

Matki Makhani – Moth beans in tomato gravy
Methi matar bin malai – Green peas with fenugreek greens in cashew based gravy
Mysore Rasam ~ A guest post for Aparna

Navy bean stew

Porichcha kozhambu
Rajma – Kidney beans stew
Thakkali rasam – Tomato rasam; a sort of thin tomato soup, Tamilian style

Vegetable jalfrezi

Sides – Dry and semi-dry

Avarakkai Poduthuval – Broad beans with a smattering of fresh coconut
Baingan ka bharta – Fire roasted eggplant in traditional Indian method
Baingan ka bharta with pesto gravy – Fire roasted eggplant in a gravy I improvised with left-over pesto
Beans mezhukkupuratti – String beans saute
Begun bhaja – Pan-toasted eggplants, my way
Bhindi Fry – Okra Fry with onions
Bhindi ki subzi – Okra Fry with onions and tomatoes
Chundal – Bengal gram lentils with coconut
Gobi matar – Cauliflower and peas saute
Green beans and potato saute
Jhunka or Zunka; the dry version – Spiced besan preparation
Kadala paruppu chundal

Kadala Paruppu Kootu
Kale chane aur aloo
Keerai Masiyal; Tamilian style
Kumbh hara bhara
Mixed sprout subzi
Moolachyashenga chi bhaji
Mushroom and tofu curry
Pindi chhole; Rawalpindi Style
Puzhukku; Palakkad style
Urulaikazhangu podimas; Palakkad style
Ullakazhangu roast; Palakkad style

Varuthu Araithu Kootu

Verakadalai chundal

Pasta, chhole ki subzi

Mains – Rice and millets – GF

Avadhi Tahiri Biryani – Biryani based on Mr.Jiggs Kalra’s recipe
Basic Khichdi

Bengali khichuri – My way
Bisibelebhath – Spiced rice, lentil and vegetable preparation
Dal Khichdi
Elmichampazham chaadam – Lemon or lime rice
Makai Chaawal – Corn pulav I
Makai Bhaat – Corn pulav II
Marjoram rice with grilled vegetables
Mint Rice in coconut milk
Orange saffron rice
Puliyamchaadam / puliyogare – Tamarind rice; Tamilian style
Tarragon rice with kidney beans and baked potatoes
Tomato rice pilaf

Vegetable pulav


Meethe chaawal ~ Zarda

Mains – Risotto and pasta

Basil Mint No-cheese Risotto, my way – GF
Spaghetti In indian sauce
Spanish paella with veggies – GF

Mains – Indian breads (roti, puri, partha, bhakri etc.)

Aloo paratha – Video
Gobi ke parathe
Missi roti
Mooli ke parathe
Mixed vegetable and nuts paratha
Naan – Plain and garlic
Nachni chi bhakri – Finger millet flatbreads – GF
Phulka – Video

Mains – Breads & flatbreads that do not form part of traditional Indian cuisine

Banana Nut Loaf
Brioche – Vegan
Ciabatta – Three ways
Dill and onion bread and remembering Bangalore Iyengar Bakery
Focaccia topped with sage and chives ~ poolish method

Hot cross buns
Julia Child’s french bread
Mini pitas, man’oushe za’tar and hummus bi tahini

Yeasted fruit galette ~ A fruit filled bread

Zeppoles, zapplas or fried donuts

Pizzas on the street

Sweets and Desserts

Anjeer rolls

Apple Crumble Pie – GF
Apricot Ice Cream – GF
Apricot Mousse Cake & Apricot and Chocolate Verrines
Badam barfi

Carrot Cake – Original recipe

Cheesecake Brownies

Cherry Tart – GF
Chocolate Pudding – I
Chocolate Pudding – II
Cinnamon cognac truffles

Cocoa orange cupcakes – GF and Nut free
Coconut Milk Pudding

Gaajar ka halwa – GF

Fig kuchen

Khao Niaow Ma Muang – Thai mango sticky rice pudding; my version – GF
Light fruit and nut cake
Mango bundt cake
Mango macadamia nut cheesecake tart
Orange-coconut bundt cake
Orange-mango-coconut bundt cake
Pear and plum cake with hazelnuts
Porulvilangai Urundai – GF

Sponge cake – The best, I think!
Strawberry bundt cake
Strawberry ice cream

Strawberry verrine


Sweet crepes – GF
Thin crust cherry tart – GF

Vella Cheedai OR Hard Jaggery Balls
Vella Pori / Puffed Rice Jaggery balls
Venn Pongal or Savory Rice and Lentil Preparation

Vegan fat-free Christmas Pudding

Cookies and such

Almond Cookies – Vegan friendly recipe
Chocolate Crinkles
Mathri/Matthi – North-Indian savoury cookies

Vanilla Hearts

Spritzgeback ~ Piped almond Cookies

Palakkad Iyer cuisine

Arachhu utta sambar /Sambar is a lentil soup made with freshly ground Indian spice paste
Avarakkai Poduthuval / South Indian Broad Beans Curry
Aviyal – Vegetables in vegan yogurt and coconut gravy

Festive Indian cuisine

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