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There are so many reasons why I could not post during the last few months.  I went on my annual trek to Himachal Pradesh, did a lot of cleaning around the house, got transferred to a new place at work, but mostly, I remained absent because I got addicted to some TV shows.  It was one show actually – Supernatural!  I cannot recall being this frenzied for a long time, or ever since the Harry Potter books released.  I did not give up cooking or baking this time however, but I did not style, or photograph any of the goodies I made.  The break wasn’t entirely wasted.  I am rejuvenated, and have lots to share with you.  Towards the end of the hiatus, I realized that I missed the joy of sharing my experience with you all.  Boy, am I glad to get out of hibernation, with this;

Oh, before I forget, do look up the ‘media’ page.  TT received some good press and it is all because of your visits.  Thank you for the love.

On my fb page, I had asked a couple of months ago whether you would like to see only healthy recipes, or the process of development of a ‘healthy’ version, from a regular recipe.  The responses indicated that many were interested in the latter, and so I am starting my new innings with a very simple vegan cookie recipe, made with refined flour.

In future posts, I will be making more healthy versions of this recipe.  This recipe is fool proof.  I tried it several times before posting it.  I passed it on to unsuspecting individuals, some of who thought it was store bought.  Some told me I should add more salt.  Now, that is a subjective matter.  I am not fond of foods that scream out the tastes.  A hint of sugar or salt works perfect for me.  Do experiment with flavours.  I used chives.  Coriander or even dill in right proportions can be replaced for chives.  I recommend the use of extra virgin olive oil rather than coconut oil or any other vegetable oil.  Olive oil holds the dough better, imparts a wonderful flavor and pairs well with any herb.  Also replacing olive oil with sunflower oil in the same proportion will not work.  I am not sure but I think it has something to do with the viscosity of the two oils.  I have made this using home made cashew based pesto.  I have added less salt because the cashew pesto already contains salt, and a fair bit of olive oil.

If you have just started baking, there is nothing better than starting with cookies.  Especially when the ingredients are easily available, and the recipe works.  This one does.

Recipe: Savoury herb cookies with chives
Yield: 24 one inch cookies


Plain white flour / Maida – 147g | 1 cup
Baking powder – 3g | ¾ tsp.
Salt – A generous pinch
Caster sugar – ¼ tsp.
Vegan cashew spread or vegan pesto – 20g | 1 tbsp.
Dry chives – 1 tbsp. [can be substituted with your favourite herb]
Extra virgin olive oil [you may use regular olive oil too] – 42g | ¼ cup
Soy milk / Any other vegan milk – 20g | 1/8 cup


Sieve flour into a mixing bowl.  Add baking powder, sugar, salt and cashew spread or pesto, and blend well for a minute.

Empty into the mixing bowl, add the chopped chives, and mix well.

Blend olive oil and soy milk till it forms a creamy blend.  Use this liquid and form a soft dough with the flour mixture.  Do not knead the dough.

Pat the dough into a thick disc, wrap with cling film and refrigerate till needed, or at least for half an hour.  I recommend preparing the dough at night and refrigerating overnight.

When ready to bake, pre-heat oven to 180 deg. Celsius without the baking pan.  Line a baking pan with foil or parchment.

Dust a baking sheet lightly and place the disc on this when ready to roll out the cookies.  Place another baking sheet over the dough, and roll to a thickness of 3-4mm.  Stamp out rounds with a one inch cookie cutter to form 24 cookies or with a cutter of your choice.

Place the cookies an inch apart on the sheet.  They will not spread but try not to let them stick together.

Bake for 12-15 minutes till the cookies are golden in colour and slightly brown in the periphery.

Remove and cool on wire racks till the cookies come to room temperature.  Store in an air tight container.  It should stay good for a week ideally but it does not last more than a day or two.


Check after 5 minutes for hot spots, and rotate tray if needed.  Check after 10 minutes to see whether the cookies are done.

If you are a fan of cashew spread like me, maybe you should dab a little on top of that crisp base and gobble a bite.  They do make tasty mini bites with tea or even wine!


Harini is a vegan food photographer, writer and recipe developer. She also loves feeding birds, reading, watching crime thrillers, and travelling amongst other things.

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  • Rashmi

    These cookies came out really well. Thanks for making this recipe so easy.

  • Mani

    Stumbled on ur blog while searching for salty cookies recipe. Must say they look amazing and the rustic way that u presented it using earthen and wooden utensils just adds to it!will surely try them for my 18 months kid who loves cookies.was wondering if we can use the ” dried Italian herbs”” that u get in the supermarket? Also u have mentioned coriander….do u mean fresh chopped coriander or grounded coriander seeds? Pls suggest.

    • Harini Prakash

      Thanks, Mani. You can use dried italian herbs as well, just see that the herbs are not hard as rosemary tends to be sometimes. I used fresh chopped coriander. Dill (shepu) is also a good option.

      • Mani

        Hi,I tried this recipe yesterday.made some changes..added fresh grated garlic and Italian herbs. Came out very well. Thanks for the recipe.

        • Harini Prakash

          Thanks for the feedback, Mani. Glad to know that the biscuits turned out well. I like the idea of garlic and italian herbs. Excellent!

      • Sejal

        what’s the indian name for chives harini?

        • Harini Prakash

          Cannot recall right now, Sejal. I will have to ask the vendor when I see it next time. I knew its Marathi name but I have forgotten!

  • Shoba

    Hi Harini,

    Loved the rustic setting of post…the teal coloured wood…where did you find such a gorgeous looking wooden base? I loved these little cookies with chives…specially as I love the flavor infused by the chives – mild and so herby! As far as the cashew spread goes – its hard to say from here, but would love a bite from hte last picture!
    Great clicks as usual!


    • Harini

      Thanks, Shoba! I have hand painted the two sides of some wood in different colours. Glad you like the colour. 🙂 I would recommend that spread. It is one of the most popular recipes on the site, and has been given thumbs up by many. If I could, I would give you more than one bite!

  • Yosef - This American Bite

    Thank you for inspiring me! I have included this recipe in my August Roundup. Please stop by and let me know what you think of the post. Don’t tell anyone, this is one of my favorite posts!!

    • Harini

      Hi Yosef, thanks for including the recipe. Makes me very happy that it is inspiring. 🙂

  • Sihi

    Stumbled on your blog just today and am already loving it! Simply yum and awesome!


  • Kankana

    YAY you are finally back 🙂 Now don’t vanish!
    Gonna make these as soon as the namkeens get over.

  • Anisha

    Glad to see new post here. Trek to himachal pradesh must have been refreshing… I have stayed in uttrakhand for a month n have been wanting to go back again since then… I hope it will happen at least next year…

    I would love to try these cookies… Where do u get the nutritional yeast? Do u order online or u get in shops there in Mumbai?

    • Harini

      Anisha, yes, the trek was so refreshing that I could not shake off the bliss. 😀 You can order nutritional yeast from auroville in Podicherry. Since the quantity of pesto used is very less you can omit the nutritional yeast. The garlic is more important. I have made this without the nutritional yeast and there is no difference at the end of it.

      • Anisha

        Thanks for the nutritional yeast info… I will bake these without nutritional yeast but just wanted to know where to get it from to make cashew cheese. While this was still on my to do list you posted the vanilla cookies… I will be baking the vanilla first, hope fully tomorrow… will let you know 🙂

        • Harini

          Pleasure, Anisha. I am looking forward to your feedback. 🙂

  • Anamika

    nice to see you back …these cookies look so perfectttttt 🙂

  • evolvingtastes

    Great to see you back, and what a delicious looking cookie!

  • Namitha

    Harini, great to see you back 🙂 I have been searching for a nice savory cookie recipe for a while now.Bookmarking this and will let you know once I try 🙂

  • chinmayie @ love food eat

    So happy to see a new post here. These cookies look perfect as a base recipe. Can’t wait to try variations of this. My MIL will love some spicy ones 🙂

  • Notyet100

    Glad ro see ur post after such. Long time,,,:)

  • Nandita

    Good to see your post Harini!!! Loved these cookies. And the presentation is just fabulous 🙂

  • Lata Raja

    and I forgot to add love your crochet work and the wooden jar 🙂

    • Harini

      I must say, you are very observant, Latha! Thank you!:)

  • Lata Raja

    Good to have you back…..these are so good that i am tempted to attempt a non-vegan version right away. though Vegan pesto, cashew spread all sound out of the world to me I am sure i will not find any such thing here.

  • Madhu

    I am so going to try this…..with walnut based pesto…..thanks!

    • Harini

      Thanks, Madhu! Do let me know when you try. I would like to know what you think of the recipe.:)

  • Anjali

    They look delicious! Was waiting for you to post something, I was missing all your drool worthy pics.

  • Sanjeeta KK

    These do look like store bought cookies….so delicate and perfect in shape…and your magical clicks are adding extra stars to the cookies and the post! Welcome back, looking forward to many more of such amazing treats from you.

  • Pinky

    Hey harini……Good to see you back on your blog….i had visited your blog many times to check for new post. Love the way the cookies have held the perfect round shape.

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