Sugiyan ~ Sweet, fried, gluten free dumpling

Sweets for Ganesha

Traditional offerings made during Ganesh Chaturthi

Do you prefer traditional offerings on festivals or do you experiment with them?  I like to, and I will be sharing with you my twists soon.

In making ‘sugiyan’ I stuck to tradition, making it the way I have seen my mother make.  This is my recipe feature for Dawn blog, for September.  Check out the entire post and recipe here.


Sugiyan ~ Jaggery filled, GF, deep fried dumplings

The picture is not much to sing about.  The pooja was yet to be done and I was busy apportioning the preparations for distribution.  This is all I could manage.

Last year, I made uppu kozhakottai (Gluten free, steamed, savoury dumplings) and shared it on Beyond Curries.  You can see the recipe here.  Will this picture tempt you to?


Uppu kozhakottai, steamed, savoury, GF dumplings

I made a twist this year.  That is going to be the next post!

I also made ullundu vadai or medu wada.  This is a special dish for me – it was my first post on Tongue Ticklers!

Vadai - a deep fried Indian snack.

Ullundu vadai/medu wada ~ GF, deep fried savoury dumplings

All these festive delights are ideal as tea time snacks.  Some times you must turn a blind eye to calories! If you must count calories, go for the steamed dumplings. More to come….next time!


Apart from being co-founder of, Harini is a vegan food photographer and recipe developer who earlier blogged at Her love for photography includes people and events. She enjoys feeding birds, loves reading, is crazy about films and TV series, loves music and takes pride in being a 70s child. She draws inspiration from memories of childhood, lunch-boxes and tiffin breaks, and movies, and believes in free-cycling.

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  • Tadka Pasta

    Really good lookin’ dumplings and vadas!

  • Nishi

    Fabulous recipe Harini!!! I loved the way you presented the sugiyan in the banana leaf. Gives a very authentic and traditional touch 🙂

    • Harini

      That made me feel so much better, Nishi! I thought the pic was poor, at least the presentation is graceful then! 🙂

  • Sharmila

    Harini! Have I really been away for so long?!!! TT has a new look now! Wow … looks beautiful and neat. And your snaps … grand as usual! The little modaks and the dumplings look tempting. Hope you are having a wonderful time this Ganesh puja. 🙂

    • Harini

      Thank you! We all have a life that goes beyond our virtual spaces, so a little absence is justified, Sharmila. 🙂 Yes, we are having a good time, visiting friends and hogging modaks. 🙂 Hope you are enjoying too!

  • Sharmilee

    Wow beautiful clicks and yummy presentation

  • Spandana

    What a delicious spread. I loved all the pics. Using banana leaf for presentation is a nice idea.

  • Shalini

    Cool festive spread. Liked the filling for the Sugiyan.You really have a talent for painting a beautiful visual through your camera.Superb.

  • sreelu

    now, now modak and wada have never been seen this sexy and beautiful. love your pictures and presentation

  • Swati Sapna

    love all your pictures!! this one and the previous lauki ka kofta too. the pictures lend so much character to your dishes… beautiful!

  • Jayashree

    I really like the pic of the sugiyan on the vazha ilai.

  • Culinary Muse

    Hi Harini,

    The stuff looks amazing & your pictures are too good!

    Awesome Stuff!

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