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Vegan pear frangipane tart

Pear and almond frangipane tart

Frangipane (fran-juh-pan) is a sweet filling used in many desserts. It is made of almond meal, and predictables like eggs,sugar, butter and a small helping of flour. The flour, I think is just to help the almond meal firm a little. Once baked, the crust turns firm and golden and the rest of the filling read more

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How to roast peanuts in oven – Kitchen basics

Why such a basic post? This is how the peanuts turn out when roasted!  No brown specks.  Golden all over. Indian cooking mostly involves stove, unless one grew up in villages that had a ‘sanjha chulha’ or common tandoor.  Even that was restricted to certain Northern regions.  My mum nor my aunts owned an oven. read more


Baked baby potatoes, Indian style

Veganmofo.  Day 16.  I am officially no longer in hibernation. Mr.P, after many triumphs in cooking vegetables and main course dishes decided last month that it was time to expand his expertise.  He said he would like to learn baking, and wanted to start off with a fool-proof recipe.  Fool-proof recipes usually mean cooking with read more


Vegan Vanilla Sugar Cookies

I am making efforts to streamline things on the site, and that includes making an easy start. When it comes to baking, cookies are considered the easiest. Last time I made savoury herb cookies, so it seems right to feature sweet cookies this time, and as usual we begin with the simplest kind. I have read more


Savoury herb cookies with chives – Vegan

  There are so many reasons why I could not post during the last few months.  I went on my annual trek to Himachal Pradesh, did a lot of cleaning around the house, got transferred to a new place at work, but mostly, I remained absent because I got addicted to some TV shows.  It read more


Vegan & Gluten-free Cupcakes With a Lime/ Lemon Glaze by Aparna

I remember as a child, a few of my friends were into the pen-friend thing.  Pen-friends apparently shared strong bonds.  I often thought, as young children are wont to think when not convinced, that the stories were made-up, just to ‘show-off’, until I heard a real life incident.  One of P’s friend actually traveled to read more


Vegan Black Christmas Cake with rum

I am drunk!  Absolutely boozy!  I am rum! Not me, darlings! It’s my Christmas cake. I do not drink save a rare tequila or a glass of wine. A girl is allowed that much distraction, right? Whatever I have stocked is stuff I use for cooking. The fact that alcohol evaporates makes it easier to read more


Sprouted wheat strawberry bread!

Sprouted Wheat and Strawberry Bread  Richa Hingle of Hobby And More, started baking in 2008, but you won’t believe that when you see the lovely breads she comes up with.  Do check her blog for more such innovations!  It is my pleasure to have her today on Tongue Ticklers to share one of her tasty read more


Perfect vegan sponge cake

  Sometime back good friend Sweatha, mailed me asking whether I had a vegan sponge cake recipe.  At that time, I did not, because I was busy masking my cakes with flavours of fruits, cocoa, and cognac, all of which were great, but I did not strive to make a vegan sponge cake. I decided read more


Gluten free, vegan, apple crumble pie

Sweet baked tarts and pies were not commonly available in most bakeries in India two decades ago. When I decided to give up eggs, all the bakeries decided to start stocking tarts made with eggs, and when I gave up milk, they seemed to have got the message right off, and everyone had cute eggless read more