Vegan Mango macadamia cheesecake

Summer and alphonsos call for a celebratory dessert every other day, and ever since I found a wonderful, healthy replacement for all things buttery in vegan recipes, desserts have become a guiltless pleasure.  On one of my trips to Crawford Market I saw a large jar of white nuts adorning the shelf at my favourite read more


Baked baby carrots with herb toppings

If  you need an appetizer that is quick to make, does not call for too many ingredients and is healthy enough to have even when you are sick, you need to make this.  If you are not sick, and need a healthy snack you should make this. I am recovering from a bout of fever read more


Vegan mocha-walnut brownies

I came to know about brownies fairly recently, about 10-12 years back. Before that the only brownies I knew were the ones that praned around with pixies in Enid Blyton. The recipe I am sharing today is not for people with allergies to gluten and nuts, although vegan. You can adapt the recipe to make whichever read more


Allergy friendly cocoa orange cup cakes

Adding coarsely ground nuts such as hazelnuts, cashews or almonds gives a lighter texture and lift to vegan bakes, but since Jr.H cannot consume nuts I had a tough time getting that texture in her cakes. This time I tried adding coarsely ground, dry sunflower seeds and it gave both the texture as well the read more


Baked Stuffed Potatoes with Vegan Cheese and Herbs

I have been on a break! I baked a lot, photographed, caught up on movies, music, dvds, friends and restaurants. I attended some vegan workshops, made a trip to Bangalore to my parents home, spent a happy Diwali, visiting my ninety year old grandmother, my aunties and uncles, cousins, nieces and nephews and of course read more