Vegan Kitchen Basics – Oat Milk

In my previous post I had shared a recipe for almond milk.  While it is very tasty, it is not suitable for people allergic to nuts.  Oat milk is nut free. Some of you had requested that I post a cheaper alternative to dairy milk that can be taken on daily basis.  This is perfect. read more


Almond nut milk | Non-dairy milks | GFCF | Vegan

Considering that I have been a vegan for quite a few years and make nut milks on a regular basis, this recipe should have arrived much earlier on the blog.   It did not feel important to me until a few emails nudged me.  Nice.   I always wanted to take a picture of milk in read more


Vegan kitchen basics – Hot chocolate with cocoa and almond milk

I am on a short holiday from work and it is a different sort of bliss. I wake up to the opening strains of Aerosmith’s,  ‘something’s wrong with the world today’, dig into the crisper for a quick assessment of vegetables available, and decide upon the menu. Packed lunch for my son includes steamed rice read more


Vegan buttermilk – four variations

During my pre-vegan days, every Navratri I would offer my friends badam milk (almond milk) as a prelude to snacks before handing over haldi-kukum.  It was a tasty drink.  How can almond ground and added to milk, boiled and reduced to half its volume and sweetened with sugar, garnished with bruised saffron threads not be read more


Aam ka panna for Beyond Curries

Mango is a very versatile fruit. This is one fruit that can be used in curries, in salads, in punches, in desserts and in pickles, and it lends a different taste and flavour to every dish Raw mangoes have many health benefits as they are rich in vitamin C and are natural acidity regulators. Panna read more