Verum Arusi Adai ~ Savoury rice pancakes

  Verum Arusi Adai is one of the many different types of savoury and sweet pancakes made in South-India, especially in Tamilian homes.  Though considered an item for breakfast, most Tamil homes have such foods for dinner as it is lighter and easily made, or for religious reasons. Adai batter can be ground in a read more


Sevai ~ South Indian rice noodles using sevai press | Stringhoppers

At this point in my life I am continuing to be besotted by steamed rice flour preparations.  It started with Ganesh Chaturthi when we prepare rice flour dumplings and suddenly the whole process seemed so easy that I seem to be making dumplings of various kinds or steamed rice flour preparations, all month long! Sevai read more


Polenta with Root celery, green beans & para nuts

Polenta with Root celery, green beans & para nuts For a long time now, I have been in love with Lakshmi’s photography on flickr.  I would stare at her pictures and wonder how food could exude joy and peace, but her food does!  And it is the simplicity involved that makes it delicious.  I hoped read more


Neer Dosa and the cast iron trophy

While dosa mania was hitting North India, one silent, tasty polo (not the game) made a quite entry in South-Indian restaurants, created a flutter but remained unexploited despite its pristine taste. Even now neer dosa is not very popular or known beyond Karnataka, Goa and Maharashtra. Neer dosa is also known as paan polo or read more


Handvo (Vegan) – Oven and stove top methods

This post was first written for a blogger friend, Xiaolu. During the process of migration and updation of the site I decided to share all my recipes in my new space on my site. “Handvo” [haand – woe or aand-woe] is a savoury cake from the Western region of Gujarat. It is not traditionally a read more


Vegan pancakes ~ three ways

A time for pancakes It is amazing how a simple thing as blogging and sharing your recipes can change your life. A major difference between cookbook authors and food bloggers is that while the former are not readily approachable for any clarification, a food blogger is always just an email away. Their casual and more read more


Semiya Upma ~ Vermicelli Pasta

Last week started on a miserable note with the husband bringing home the flu and this week, I am carrying it forward. I have been skipping work on both the home and office fronts and P has been ruling the roost. Sometimes the kitchen takes on some undecipherable foreign aromas.  I have learnt better than read more


Vegan Fig kuchen (Crumb cake)

This Season there is an abundance of figs in Thane market. I used to eye the fresh piles longingly on my way to office but they would get over by the time I returned in the evening. Last weekend I decided to go in the morning all the way to the market just to get read more