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Vegan blueberry and orange cupcakes

Vegan blueberry and orange cupcakes

It’s been a long time since I baked cakes – three years – to be precise.  I won’t go into the reasons as it is like going into a rabbit hole, and I might not emerge at all to finish the post. Since last couple of weeks I accompany Mr.P on weekend jaunts — which read more

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Clementine, chamomile and poppy seed cake

One of the perks of being on facebook is that one meets many like-minded people, some of whom can become your friends even if you have never met. I belong to a group that has some lovely ladies, mostly Palakkad Iyers like me, who come up with interesting topics every day on the forum. Last read more


Vegan Black Christmas Cake with rum

I am drunk!  Absolutely boozy!  I am rum! Not me, darlings! It’s my Christmas cake. I do not drink save a rare tequila or a glass of wine. A girl is allowed that much distraction, right? Whatever I have stocked is stuff I use for cooking. The fact that alcohol evaporates makes it easier to read more


Gluten-free Carrot cake with vegan cashew condensed milk

Gluten free carrot cake with faux ‘condensed milk’ I was away on a ‘soul nirvana’ trip last week.  Some go to spas for rejuvenations, others turn to yoga or pilates for relaxation.  For me, it is spending time with family and meeting up with my parents, sisters and cousins that fuels my soul.  It is read more


Wholewheat pear and plum cake with hazelnuts

A couple of days ago I received my copy of “Plate to Pixel,” a food photography & styling guide written by food-porn queen, Helen Dujardin a.k.a. ‘Tartlette’. It is hard not to drool over the exquisitely styled creations on her blog. When I say ‘drool’, I mean that her pictures make me want to create read more


Vegan Mango macadamia cheesecake

Summer and alphonsos call for a celebratory dessert every other day, and ever since I found a wonderful, healthy replacement for all things buttery in vegan recipes, desserts have become a guiltless pleasure.  On one of my trips to Crawford Market I saw a large jar of white nuts adorning the shelf at my favourite read more