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Bhature waale chhole

Bhature waale chhole |

Often when cooking chhole, I make the masala from scratch, adding whole (saboot) spices, followed by sautéeing onions and tomatoes, which I grind up to form a slightly textural gravy. Needless to say, this isn’t the only way, though it tastes the freshest. There are a dozen different ways to make chhole. Today’s recipe does read more

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Kathrikkai Rasavangi – Curried Aubergines with chickpeas

When I first made kathrikkai rasavangi, I used a recipe off the web, and called my mother to tell her about it.  This was many years back and my mom was flabbergasted when I said I had added lentils.  Does that not make it sambar then?  There is not much difference in the ground spices read more


Chickpea salad in Italian dressing

I am always on the lookout for easy and healthy recipes that would be ideal for the children to have when they return from school. This is because we are out at work and I have to prepare something nice in the morning itself and keep it with my friendly and kind neighbour, M Aunty. read more