Vegan Kitchen Basics – Oat Milk

In my previous post I had shared a recipe for almond milk.  While it is very tasty, it is not suitable for people allergic to nuts.  Oat milk is nut free. Some of you had requested that I post a cheaper alternative to dairy milk that can be taken on daily basis.  This is perfect. read more


Almond nut milk | Non-dairy milks | GFCF | Vegan

Considering that I have been a vegan for quite a few years and make nut milks on a regular basis, this recipe should have arrived much earlier on the blog.   It did not feel important to me until a few emails nudged me.  Nice.   I always wanted to take a picture of milk in read more


Cocoa hazelnut spread (Vegan homemade nutella)

Do you remember those lovely ghugras from my previous post?  Here is another gem where that came from! I was on a short vacation to Bangalore.  My parents had moved homes, so we were helping mom sort books and other things. We had simple, home cooked meals while I was at home, and most of read more


Making jam at home – Equipments needed

Why make jam at home when you can buy a jar? Can you be sure about the quality of the ingredients?  Do you like your jam gelled with only artificial essence, and commercial pectin?  Are you comfortable reading a list of E-numbers in the ingredients? E-Numbers indicate the number of additives added to a packaged read more


Clementine marmalade

Hey readers, It’s been a long time since I wrote a post due to some inexplicable activity on the site.  It was hacked, restored, and while on the restoration I also got a few subtle changes made.  Extremely subtle. Did you notice them? I am on a break from work and decided to put my read more


How to roast peanuts in oven – Kitchen basics

Why such a basic post? This is how the peanuts turn out when roasted!  No brown specks.  Golden all over. Indian cooking mostly involves stove, unless one grew up in villages that had a ‘sanjha chulha’ or common tandoor.  Even that was restricted to certain Northern regions.  My mum nor my aunts owned an oven. read more


Rasam podi – How to make my mum’s rasam powder

Having posted at least five types of rasam in the past, it did not come as a surprise when a reader asked me when I was going to share the recipe for rasam powder. I do not use shop-bought spice mix in general, but recently I found that the rasam powder available at Subbamma Stores read more


Vegan pancakes ~ three ways

A time for pancakes It is amazing how a simple thing as blogging and sharing your recipes can change your life. A major difference between cookbook authors and food bloggers is that while the former are not readily approachable for any clarification, a food blogger is always just an email away. Their casual and more read more