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Bhature waale chhole

Bhature waale chhole |

Often when cooking chhole, I make the masala from scratch, adding whole (saboot) spices, followed by sautéeing onions and tomatoes, which I grind up to form a slightly textural gravy. Needless to say, this isn’t the only way, though it tastes the freshest. There are a dozen different ways to make chhole. Today’s recipe does read more

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Food Photography Recipes

Olan – Ashgourd stew in coconut milk


OLAN is a ridiculously simple and extremely delicious curry from my hometown of Palakkad, and of Kerala and the Konkan regions. We use ashgourd (Safed bhopla | White pumpkin) a lot in Palakkad, by itself or mixed with other vegetables. Many of the recipes from my region are bland, with the flavour of vegetables dominating read more

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Thai Red Curry with homemade curry paste – Vegan

I am coming up with two posts this fortnight.  It is not a comeback but I am happy to step into my ‘blogger’ shoes after a long break.  Thank you for asking after me.  Your messages, comments and mails always make me smile.  I am afraid I am not able to moonlight as ‘Sunshinemom’ as read more


Matar khumb, dhingri matar – Mushroom and peas curry

Veganmofo | Day 13 Mushrooms are not native Indian vegetables.  They were introduced in 1886, and the first recorded systematic cultivation happened only in 1961 at Solan in Himachal Pradesh.  Because of some really sad tales associated with the growing of mushrooms, they were shunned in South Indian cooking for a very long time.  Many of read more


Lauki kofta ~ Bottle gourd dumplings in onion-tomato gravy

  Of the many delicacies brought to India by the Mughals, a favourite is kofta. According to a study there were nearly 291 different kinds of Kofte (plural of kofta) in Turkey, the Country where it is said to have originated.  We love our kofte too, though the variety I make is limited to about read more


Dhingri badaami / Mushrooms in Almond Gravy

I used 1/2 a kilo of mushrooms expecting it to last till evening – and imagine my surprise when all I found was clean sparkling bowls by the sink when I returned from work! The best part about cooking with mushrooms is that they hold their firmness, and yet soak up and blend well with read more


Soya Matar Pasanda

I came across this recipe on a packet of soya chunks. It read tasty – and you know what I mean, no? The dish did justice, but then I am partial to tomato gravies.  I try my best to make my vegan options as tempting as possible for my non-vegetarian husband. The soya nuggets, P read more


Mushroom and Tofu curry

Over the years the text here has been updated many times, which means I have removed the unnecessary exclamation marks and out of the context tales. Stripped completely, this dish is still a keeper. Recipe: Mushroom and tofu curry Ingredients: Button mushrooms – 250g. (rinsed several times to wash off the grime and dried) Tofu – read more