Kala chana chundal – Black chickpea stir-fry with coconut

We are headlong into festival mode here in India since August.  There was Raksha Bandhan, followed by Krishna Jayanti, Ganesh Chaturthi, and a week from now it is going to be nine days and nights of celebrating women power, in the form of various Godesses of Hinduism.  That is the core. A festival is never read more


Zunka (with spring onions) | Patichya kandyachi peeth perun bhaji

Zunka is a traditional side dish from Maharashtra made with roasted gram flour.  This rustic side dish has an extremely appetizing, and sunny appearance because of the bright yellow colour and the contrasting greens from the spring onion.   The basic version is made with white onions (recipe here). I came across this version of read more


Carrot poduthuval ~ A traditional stir-fry recipe

“Mummy, you like this very very much, don’t you?”  The girl asked. “Hmmm….,” I replied, still digging happily and a tad greedily into my bowl of sweet and mildly savoury carrot stir-fry.  I knew I would go for a second, more generous helping. “Then, why is it not on your blog yet?”  She queried. “Too read more


Suvir’s beans poriyal ~ Stir fried green beans with coconut

It is festival time! Navratri is special because this is an annual ‘remembering-my-girlfriends’ ritual for me. We gather together for long chats, delicious snacks and catch up on the year’s gossip. Just the joy of being around them, is enough inspiration to cook up the best meals, and the thought, washes away tiredness that creeps read more


Kathrikkai Curry ~ Roasted eggplants

Kathrikkai curry as it is known in Tamil is a simple eggplant roast, perfect with rasam-rice, dahi-rice, or kadhi-rice.  It is aromatic and quite spicy, but not the kind that will burn your tongue.  Best had with bland dishes to spiral the yum quotient. The eggplants used here are small, oblong, very firm, purple ones. read more


Green Beans and Potato Saute

The ‘re-doing’ work of our house has come close to its end. The invasive smell of paint, putty and ‘lambi’ is certainly not something I enjoy anymore. There was a time when as a child I found them very interesting and longed to dabble with a pot of wall paint. Not anymore! Twice, during the read more


Kumbh hara bhara ~ Mushrooms in greens

  My husband and I work at two ends of the snaking city of Mumbai. I work in the town side of the city while he works closer to the suburbs. It so happened that last month he had to make trips to my part of the city. Now, you know how couples with children read more


Ullakazhangu Podimas ~ Potatoes rolled in coconut

I know this must be the umpteenth recipe featuring coconut or potato as the prime ingredient on this blog. Being married to a Manglorean does not help much in weaning myself, in fact I think it increased my love for coconuts all the more after discovering several other ways to use it in cooking. There read more