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Video – How to make kaaju barfi (Vegan cashew candy squares)

Kaju barfi: Traditional Indian sweet made with cashewnuts, usually served at weddings and festivals, made using sugar candy method When Harsha was here, we did many videos together, with my son sometimes chipping in as an assistant to hold the umbrella over the light source. ūüôā One of the most popular recipes on tongueticklers is read more

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Bhuja hua kaju barfi | Roasted cashew barfi

One week-day, when I was in a hurry and time seemed to be ticking away a little faster, I knew I could not wait for the ‘cashew barfi mix’ in the wok to cook even a minute longer, and poured it onto a jelly pan a few minutes earlier than I should have. ¬†I willed, read more


Thengai barfi | Coconut candy squares

  Tamil: Thengai barfi | Hindi: Nariyal or narial ki barfi | Marathi: Narali pak or copra pak | Gujarati: Koperapak | English translation: Coconut candy squares | A quick sweet made with just coconut scraping, sugar and cardamom powder. Till I came to Mumbai (then Bombay) I assumed coconut barfi was a South Indian read more


Uppu / Uluthamparuppu Kozhakottai – Steamed dumplings

This article was originally written by me for¬†Beyond Curries. I hail from Palakkad and our cuisine is a combination of the best from the regions of Tamilnadu and Kerala. Every festival is celebrated with sweets and savouries that are unique to that festival. The traditional sweets made for Ganesh Chaturthi in Palakkad, are ‘vella kozhokottai‘ read more


A pinch of this, a handful of that | Ghugra (Savoury hand pies)

Vegetables in fried pastry crust

I knew Rushina as a food columnist much before I began blogging. ¬†Later, while I was still new to the world of blogs and ‘blog friendships’ I discovered her blog and felt an instant connection with her posts. I spoke to her on phone and nervously asked whether she could share tips on food writing read more


Kanji ke bade, mung bean fritters in mustard water

Do you recall M Aunty?¬† The neighbours you might want to steal?¬† Yes, the extremely good cooks who are also very generous people.¬† ¬†They both hail from Rajasthan, and their tradition is vastly different from ours.¬† Aunty M tells me that traditionally only ‚Äėkanji ke bade‚Äô is made in Rajasthan during Holi and Diwali.   read more


Vella Payaru – Black eyed peas in a jaggery based sweet

  When we cook black-eyed-peas in a sweet roast, we call it ‘vella payaru’. It literally translates as ‘jaggery with black eyed peas’. This is the offering I made today as prasad or bhog. It is a very tasty dish, and gets done in minutes. Since I am blogging a dish every day, I am read more


Appam – Jaggery and Rice spheres

Appam has a first name. ¬†Some people prefix ‘unni’, as in unniappam and some ‘nei’ as in ‘neiyappam’. ¬†As you move up West along the Konkan coast, appam become appe. ¬†The basic recipe remains the same but the sweetness is reduced and some lentils get added to the batter. ¬†Appam has many variations. ¬†My sister, read more


Kala chana chundal – Black chickpea stir-fry with coconut

We are headlong into festival mode here in India since August.  There was Raksha Bandhan, followed by Krishna Jayanti, Ganesh Chaturthi, and a week from now it is going to be nine days and nights of celebrating women power, in the form of various Godesses of Hinduism.  That is the core. A festival is never read more