Matthri, matthi, or suali ~ Deep-fried salted cookies

I will spare you the details of why I do not like Holi this year. I have lamented enough about the ills as well as the reasons for the celebration in the last three years.  Besides, I do not have any fresh grudges.  I do enjoy some aspects – one, precisely. The gastronomic indulgence. Sinful? read more


Vegan Black Christmas Cake with rum

I am drunk!  Absolutely boozy!  I am rum! Not me, darlings! It’s my Christmas cake. I do not drink save a rare tequila or a glass of wine. A girl is allowed that much distraction, right? Whatever I have stocked is stuff I use for cooking. The fact that alcohol evaporates makes it easier to read more


Kaju Barfi ~ Cashewnut sweet using candy method

Isn’t it a pleasure when a good friend invites you to share her virtual kitchen?  Monsoon Spice has been one of my favourite Indian blogs since I started blogging. Over years Sia and I have shared our highs and lows, as well as a common kitchen at Beyond Curries. It gives me great pleasure to read more


Sevai ~ South Indian rice noodles using sevai press | Stringhoppers

At this point in my life I am continuing to be besotted by steamed rice flour preparations.  It started with Ganesh Chaturthi when we prepare rice flour dumplings and suddenly the whole process seemed so easy that I seem to be making dumplings of various kinds or steamed rice flour preparations, all month long! Sevai read more


Uppu kozhakottai with moong-dal | Payatham Paruppu Kozhakottai

The months from August till December are dangerous months for ‘weight-watchers’ for Indians. It is sadder when you are the kind whose weight gain shows up as inches round the middle! Lord Ganesha who is said to have a huge belly, and a good appetite has his birthday celebrated in a big way with many read more


Sugiyan ~ Sweet, fried, gluten free dumpling

This feature was written for Dawn blog and is now reproduced here. Today, I am sharing with you one of delicacies that is prepared by my mother during Ganesh Chaturthi. Sugiyan is not as popular as kheer or halwa as it is made by a small community of people. Most of my friends don’t seem to have heard of it! Yet, read more


Vella Cheedai – Rice flour and Jaggery Balls

Vella Cheedai is a traditional South Indian sweet – It is rock hard on the outside and surprisingly powdery inside. As kids we used to compete for ‘The strongest teeth’ and the winner was the person who managed to bite into the crust. For the weak minded – better break it with a metal pestle read more