Fruit Chaat | Indian Fruit Salad

Fruit chaat: Medley of seasonal fruits spiced with Indian chaat masala I wrote this article for Beyond Curries in 2010, a website that’s still out there but discontinued from updation. Summer brings with it many beautiful things if one looks beyond the terrible heat waves. One thing I really love is the fruits we get read more

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Clementine marmalade

Hey readers, It’s been a long time since I wrote a post due to some inexplicable activity on the site.  It was hacked, restored, and while on the restoration I also got a few subtle changes made.  Extremely subtle. Did you notice them? I am on a break from work and decided to put my read more


Vegan strawberry and sherry vinegar ice cream

We are still getting gorgeous strawberries half-way through March.  Of course, we are making the most of it.  I love  strawberries and had a plan in place last week.  On Sunday morning Mr.P expressed thick coconut cream and coconut milk.  I had purchased two boxes of beautiful, red, plump strawberries the evening before. For inducing read more


Thai spiced, strawberry soup

A couple of years back, my beautiful blue-eyed friend, Veronika, blogger and photographer at ‘Kitchen Finesse‘ posted a tempting photograph in flickr.  The title read ‘strawberry coconut milk soup’.  You know what caught my eye, right?  Every word, actually.  I am fond of soups, like strawberries and absolutely love coconut milk!  There was no thing read more


Vegan Black Christmas Cake with rum

I am drunk!  Absolutely boozy!  I am rum! Not me, darlings! It’s my Christmas cake. I do not drink save a rare tequila or a glass of wine. A girl is allowed that much distraction, right? Whatever I have stocked is stuff I use for cooking. The fact that alcohol evaporates makes it easier to read more


Thin crust vegan cherry tart

Did I mention last time how P tends to stock the refrigerator?  Well, this time he outdid himself!  On a recent trip to Manish Market (the fruit market in Crawford) he got excited seeing all the juicy fruits and hauled them in kilos.  When I visit Crawford Market, I know my tendency to go overboard read more


Musk melon soup with coconut milk

I was surprised seeing the number of mails that landed into my in-box after my last post on gluten free cupcakes was published. Surprised pleasantly. A few expressed happiness as the cupcakes did not contain any exotic or not-so-easily-available ingredients, and that they were just happy to have something healthier than all purpose flour, which read more