Hazelnut cookies | Hazelnut Spritzgeback – gluten-free

My daughter was home last month for Winter break and that is when these cookies first got done. She bought me two small packs of lemon flavoured cookies and chocolate flavoured cookies, the vegan and gluten free kind. I fell in love with the lemony cookies and finished them off the same day (10 in read more


Bhuja hua kaju barfi | Roasted cashew barfi

One week-day, when I was in a hurry and time seemed to be ticking away a little faster, I knew I could not wait for the ‘cashew barfi mix’ in the wok to cook even a minute longer, and poured it onto a jelly pan a few minutes earlier than I should have.  I willed, read more


Thengai barfi | Coconut candy squares

  Tamil: Thengai barfi | Hindi: Nariyal or narial ki barfi | Marathi: Narali pak or copra pak | Gujarati: Koperapak | English translation: Coconut candy squares | A quick sweet made with just coconut scraping, sugar and cardamom powder. Till I came to Mumbai (then Bombay) I assumed coconut barfi was a South Indian read more


Vegan Kitchen Basics – Oat Milk

In my previous post I had shared a recipe for almond milk.  While it is very tasty, it is not suitable for people allergic to nuts.  Oat milk is nut free. Some of you had requested that I post a cheaper alternative to dairy milk that can be taken on daily basis.  This is perfect. read more


Almond nut milk | Non-dairy milks | GFCF | Vegan

Considering that I have been a vegan for quite a few years and make nut milks on a regular basis, this recipe should have arrived much earlier on the blog.   It did not feel important to me until a few emails nudged me.  Nice.   I always wanted to take a picture of milk in read more


Uppu / Uluthamparuppu Kozhakottai – Steamed dumplings

This article was originally written by me for Beyond Curries. I hail from Palakkad and our cuisine is a combination of the best from the regions of Tamilnadu and Kerala. Every festival is celebrated with sweets and savouries that are unique to that festival. The traditional sweets made for Ganesh Chaturthi in Palakkad, are ‘vella kozhokottai‘ read more


Kanji ke bade, mung bean fritters in mustard water

Do you recall M Aunty?  The neighbours you might want to steal?  Yes, the extremely good cooks who are also very generous people.   They both hail from Rajasthan, and their tradition is vastly different from ours.  Aunty M tells me that traditionally only ‘kanji ke bade’ is made in Rajasthan during Holi and Diwali. ‘Kanji’ read more


Vella Payaru – Black eyed peas in a jaggery based sweet

  When we cook black-eyed-peas in a sweet roast, we call it ‘vella payaru’. It literally translates as ‘jaggery with black eyed peas’. This is the offering I made today as prasad or bhog. It is a very tasty dish, and gets done in minutes. Since I am blogging a dish every day, I am read more


Pathiri, bhakri, ubbu akki rotti – Brown rice flatbread

I did not know it was called ‘pathiri’ and when I made rice flour bhakris by cooking the rice flour and then rolling them into thin discs, I joyfully thought I had hit upon a great method of making them.  Pooey! And then guffaws followed, as my little bubble of joy burst into laughter at read more