Vegan & Gluten-free Cupcakes With a Lime/ Lemon Glaze by Aparna

I remember as a child, a few of my friends were into the pen-friend thing.  Pen-friends apparently shared strong bonds.  I often thought, as young children are wont to think when not convinced, that the stories were made-up, just to ‘show-off’, until I heard a real life incident.  One of P’s friend actually traveled to read more


Gluten-free Carrot cake with vegan cashew condensed milk

Gluten free carrot cake with faux ‘condensed milk’ I was away on a ‘soul nirvana’ trip last week.  Some go to spas for rejuvenations, others turn to yoga or pilates for relaxation.  For me, it is spending time with family and meeting up with my parents, sisters and cousins that fuels my soul.  It is read more


Sevai ~ South Indian rice noodles using sevai press | Stringhoppers

At this point in my life I am continuing to be besotted by steamed rice flour preparations.  It started with Ganesh Chaturthi when we prepare rice flour dumplings and suddenly the whole process seemed so easy that I seem to be making dumplings of various kinds or steamed rice flour preparations, all month long! Sevai read more


Uppu kozhakottai with moong-dal | Payatham Paruppu Kozhakottai

The months from August till December are dangerous months for ‘weight-watchers’ for Indians. It is sadder when you are the kind whose weight gain shows up as inches round the middle! Lord Ganesha who is said to have a huge belly, and a good appetite has his birthday celebrated in a big way with many read more


Sugiyan ~ Sweet, fried, gluten free dumpling

This feature was written for Dawn blog and is now reproduced here. Today, I am sharing with you one of delicacies that is prepared by my mother during Ganesh Chaturthi. Sugiyan is not as popular as kheer or halwa as it is made by a small community of people. Most of my friends don’t seem to have heard of it! Yet, read more


Polenta with Root celery, green beans & para nuts

Polenta with Root celery, green beans & para nuts For a long time now, I have been in love with Lakshmi’s photography on flickr.  I would stare at her pictures and wonder how food could exude joy and peace, but her food does!  And it is the simplicity involved that makes it delicious.  I hoped read more


Thin crust vegan cherry tart

Did I mention last time how P tends to stock the refrigerator?  Well, this time he outdid himself!  On a recent trip to Manish Market (the fruit market in Crawford) he got excited seeing all the juicy fruits and hauled them in kilos.  When I visit Crawford Market, I know my tendency to go overboard read more


Carrots, leek and zucchini soup

Me: “H, do you know where your pink jacket is?” Jr.H: “I gave it you to store it somewhere till the next Winter.” We try to flaunt our winter wear as much as possible in that one week of chill that December provides and then store them neatly till the next year.  Officially we do read more