Gluten free, vegan, apple crumble pie

Sweet baked tarts and pies were not commonly available in most bakeries in India two decades ago. When I decided to give up eggs, all the bakeries decided to start stocking tarts made with eggs, and when I gave up milk, they seemed to have got the message right off, and everyone had cute eggless read more


Neer Dosa and the cast iron trophy

While dosa mania was hitting North India, one silent, tasty polo (not the game) made a quite entry in South-Indian restaurants, created a flutter but remained unexploited despite its pristine taste. Even now neer dosa is not very popular or known beyond Karnataka, Goa and Maharashtra. Neer dosa is also known as paan polo or read more


Idli with tomato chutney

Every two weeks my son makes it a point to remind me that I haven’t made idlis in a long time. A long time, being just ten to 15 days. I am not sure why people like idli so much. I myself am not too fond of it. I always loved dosas. These days however, read more


Handvo (Vegan) – Oven and stove top methods

This post was first written for a blogger friend, Xiaolu. During the process of migration and updation of the site I decided to share all my recipes in my new space on my site. “Handvo” [haand – woe or aand-woe] is a savoury cake from the Western region of Gujarat. It is not traditionally a read more


Coconut Milk Pudding with candied fruits

The dessert feature I did for Dawn this time is inspired from the traditional Thai sticky rice pudding – Khao niaow ma muang. Not only is this as delicious as kheer but also less calorific then a regular pudding. It is traditionally vegan, gluten free and egg free. Rice pudding is a universally loved dish read more


Spanish Paella

I had made a spanish sauce just sometime before the Oscars. So, when I saw a recipe that was crafted specially for Ms. Natalie Portman this paella had to happen. I followed the process given by Chef Puck using available ingredients. I stash a good amount of stock in the freezer every weekend made with read more


Nachni chi bhakri |Ragi Roti |Finger millet flatbreads

  I often acknowledge that I am forgetful but did not realize how much till I noticed that the latest addition on my side bar that says “coming up next” has been there since the last three posts! I have been meaning to post the method to make the perfect gluten free flatbread for quite read more