Coconut milk and mint pulao – Rice in the main

Mr. P extracted two delicious cups of thick coconut milk yesterday to make thai curry.  Being the temperamental cook that I am, half the coconut milk went into a porridge. I used up the remaining in today’s pulao.  Thai curry has been postponed because it does not fit in with my veganmofo theme – Indian. read more


Spanish Paella

I had made a spanish sauce just sometime before the Oscars. So, when I saw a recipe that was crafted specially for Ms. Natalie Portman this paella had to happen. I followed the process given by Chef Puck using available ingredients. I stash a good amount of stock in the freezer every weekend made with read more


Marjoram rice with grilled vegetables

I have this love for spices and herbs that tempts me to purchase them whenever I make a trip to the supermarket even if they are entirely new to me. That doesn’t deter me from being adventurous and trying it out in several dishes in my kitchen lab! One such is marjoram. My son who read more


Lemon rice | Nimboo Chaawal | Elmichampazham chaadam

Have I told you earlier about A? A is a buddy of Mr. P, so close that I quite often call him ‘sowtan’! 🙂 To most people, A at first sight, seems an over clean (he has this odd hobby of checking his cuffs and flicking non-existent dust particles quite often), no-nonsense guy and most read more


Bisibelebhath – A rice and lentil kedgree from Karnataka

Saturdays are my favourite lazy days. I sleep in for another 2-3 hours, have late tea, make the easiest possible breakfast and listen to the songs Jr.P lines up the comp (He, is a clever gent who lines two of mum’s favourites after every fourth song that are his own faves). We catch up on read more


Corn rice ~ Makai chaawal

One of those days when I am bored to cook two or three dishes, and want to just finish up, clean up and hit the bed! I look into the fridge and find that there is a whole packet of corn kernels, and two packets of baby corn (all left over from the trip to read more

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