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Ribbon Pakodam – Gram Flour and Rice Flour Crispies

Ribbon Pakodam |

Known in various Indian languages as Ribbon Pakodam, Ola Pakoda, Aaku Pakodi or Nada Thenguzhal, these gram flour and rice flour crispies are easily prepared savouries that form part of snacks called ‘bakshanam’. Bakshanam  literally means food, but has come to be used as a term that specifically refers to snacks, both sweet and savoury, read more

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Vella Payaru – Black eyed peas in a jaggery based sweet

  When we cook black-eyed-peas in a sweet roast, we call it ‘vella payaru’. It literally translates as ‘jaggery with black eyed peas’. This is the offering I made today as prasad or bhog. It is a very tasty dish, and gets done in minutes. Since I am blogging a dish every day, I am read more


Appam – Jaggery and Rice spheres

Appam has a first name.  Some people prefix ‘unni’, as in unniappam and some ‘nei’ as in ‘neiyappam’.  As you move up West along the Konkan coast, appam become appe.  The basic recipe remains the same but the sweetness is reduced and some lentils get added to the batter.  Appam has many variations.  My sister, read more


Kala chana chundal – Black chickpea stir-fry with coconut

We are headlong into festival mode here in India since August.  There was Raksha Bandhan, followed by Krishna Jayanti, Ganesh Chaturthi, and a week from now it is going to be nine days and nights of celebrating women power, in the form of various Godesses of Hinduism.  That is the core. A festival is never read more


Matthri, matthi, or suali ~ Deep-fried salted cookies

I will spare you the details of why I do not like Holi this year. I have lamented enough about the ills as well as the reasons for the celebration in the last three years.  Besides, I do not have any fresh grudges.  I do enjoy some aspects – one, precisely. The gastronomic indulgence. Sinful? read more


Kaju Barfi ~ Cashewnut sweet using candy method

Isn’t it a pleasure when a good friend invites you to share her virtual kitchen?  Monsoon Spice has been one of my favourite Indian blogs since I started blogging. Over years Sia and I have shared our highs and lows, as well as a common kitchen at Beyond Curries. It gives me great pleasure to read more