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Bhature waale chhole

Bhature waale chhole |

Often when cooking chhole, I make the masala from scratch, adding whole (saboot) spices, followed by sautéeing onions and tomatoes, which I grind up to form a slightly textural gravy. Needless to say, this isn’t the only way, though it tastes the freshest. There are a dozen different ways to make chhole. Today’s recipe does read more

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Fruit Chaat | Indian Fruit Salad

Fruit chaat: Medley of seasonal fruits spiced with Indian chaat masala I wrote this article for Beyond Curries in 2010, a website that’s still out there but discontinued from updation. Summer brings with it many beautiful things if one looks beyond the terrible heat waves. One thing I really love is the fruits we get read more

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Roti / Phulka – A video

Hello, As I mentioned a while ago, my daughter Harsha has joined me in writing and revamping my youtube channel, that I haven’t posted on in 7 years. Ever since Harsha moved away to study, we have been looking for opportunities to film videos whenever we can to showcase the slightly trickier recipes that are difficult read more

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Kanji ke bade, mung bean fritters in mustard water

Do you recall M Aunty?  The neighbours you might want to steal?  Yes, the extremely good cooks who are also very generous people.   They both hail from Rajasthan, and their tradition is vastly different from ours.  Aunty M tells me that traditionally only ‘kanji ke bade’ is made in Rajasthan during Holi and Diwali. ‘Kanji’ read more


Mixed lentil stew – North Indian style, dairy free

Is it evident that I am extremely fond of legumes, and I that I love stews?  It should be, and if it isn’t, I shall put matters to rest by sharing many more soon. The traditional method to cook legumes for an Indian stew would be to let them simmer and cook all night in read more


Cucumber raita with vegan yogurt and mustard

Autumn is a time for luscious produce.  Large, tender and fresh gourds are the hallmark of Autumn.  We find them throughout the year these days and it is getting difficult to know what is ‘in season’ and what is not, but, I can spot the healthy ones.  At this time of the year they do read more


Sprouted Red Cow Peas Salad

We get a wide variety of pulses in India and I try to incorporate them in our diet in different ways on a daily basis. Of late I have been sprouting most beans because though they are all just ‘beans’ each one has a flavour and texture that sets it apart from the rest and read more