Kanji ke bade, mung bean fritters in mustard water

Do you recall M Aunty?  The neighbours you might want to steal?  Yes, the extremely good cooks who are also very generous people.   They both hail from Rajasthan, and their tradition is vastly different from ours.  Aunty M tells me that traditionally only ‘kanji ke bade’ is made in Rajasthan during Holi and Diwali. ‘Kanji’ read more


Masoor ki dal ~ Red gram lentil soup

  A dal is definitely not exotic in modern Indian terms (which is limited to anything that contains cream, double cream, milk, ghee, paneer or cashew paste) but I bet if a bowlful of masoor dal was placed on your table, you won’t stop with just one sip. This one will have you slurping till read more


Chane ki dal OR Bengal gram lentils

  It’s an Indian home so we can’t help having dal almost twice a week. Blame it on the taste but I just cannot do without my daily bowlful of lentils. On days I don’t make dal we have rasam with a protein packed veggie. Dals can never be boring as we have a wide read more


Porulvalanga Urundai – Vegan, multigrain protein balls

[It struck me very late and very recently that this is a very highly nutritious protein bar.  It would be, if you pat it down in a tray and score into pieces instead of rolling into balls.  Porulvalanga balls have all the nutrition packed in protein bars and it comes disguised as a very tasty read more


Akbari Chhole

Why Akbari, not Jahangiri? Well the book has got Jahangiri Chhole, Sultana Chhole and more Mughals prefixed to chhole! Whatever the style – my husband gives it an ungainly epithet – ‘bofors’. Tasteless epithet I say, and yes! You guessed right as to why. A nutritionist friend of mine suggests that repeating the process of read more