Lemon rice | Nimboo Chaawal | Elmichampazham chaadam

Have I told you earlier about A? A is a buddy of Mr. P, so close that I quite often call him ‘sowtan’! 🙂 To most people, A at first sight, seems an over clean (he has this odd hobby of checking his cuffs and flicking non-existent dust particles quite often), no-nonsense guy and most read more


Orange Saffron Rice

Orange is a dieter’s delight – it has a glorious fresh fragrance, lovely bright appearance and you can gorge on the juicy fruit all the while without thinking of the waistline. That is what my nutritionist said, and I used to have at least five a day squirming out of apples all the time – read more


Macbeth and Makai Bhat

  Just like the title to this post says, we (P & I), got treats from the juniors yesterday.  It was Parents’ day at school. I look forward with a certain degree of trepidation as we have to meet last minute demands like, ‘mummyI I forgot to tell you but I am supposed to put read more


Tomato rice

There are wheat persons, rice persons and millet persons and I fall in the middle. I swing from wheat to millet when at times but I rest on plain rice or one of it’s numerous avataars. Today I present tomato pulav. Oh no, it’s not thakkali chaadam.  Tomato pulav is more fluffy and dry. I read more


Food For The Soul OR An Upset Stomach:) – Dal Khichdi

  In North India khichdi refers to a plain grainy concoction of rice and moong / masur / tuvar dal cooked soft with salt and seasoned with curry leaves, dry red chillies, hing (asfoetida) and jeera. The Southern counterpart is the thick ‘pongal’ which is again rice and moong cooked soft but seasoned with roasted read more


Corn rice ~ Makai chaawal

One of those days when I am bored to cook two or three dishes, and want to just finish up, clean up and hit the bed! I look into the fridge and find that there is a whole packet of corn kernels, and two packets of baby corn (all left over from the trip to read more

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