Roasted cherry tomatoes, baby carrots & red bell peppers soup

  My roasted cherry tomatoes, baby carrots and red bell peppers soup brings me closer to my favourite Season.  The red and orange of the ingredients, the freshness of tender vegetables, and the aroma of sweet pepper as it roasts is enough to whet my appetite, the way only Autumn, Winter and Spring can. It’s read more


Cream of cauliflower soup ~ Vegan

Cauliflower soup is not in keeping with my chosen theme for ‘veganmofo 2012’, i.e, cooking and posting an Indian dish everyday all October. However, I made it specially for Simone’s photography event #5.  We had to style and photograph the soup as it appeared in DH’s magazine while keeping the recipe the same.  The original read more


Broccoli and pea soup with sour cream

This year saw surprisingly long Winter and Spring, which set the mood for soups, starters, and more-than-regular-quota of fried snacks in the TT household. We had abundant supply of fruits to see us through breakfast – oranges, more oranges, grapes, strawberries and bananas.  I am not sure why, but Winter is one time when dinner becomes read more


Steamed pumpkin soup with shallots

It came as a pleasant surprise when my friend Sanjeeta, invited me to share my thoughts on her blog – Lite Bite.  Hop over to Lite Bite for a simple but warm, delicious, Winter soup and to know more about Lite Bite and to read the full article.  If only shallots were easy to peel, I would read more


A Thai Pistou soup (Soupe au pistou)

A bit of confusion there, isn’t it? A Provencal soup or a Thai soup?  Well, both! I am more a thyme person than basil but these days our markets do not seem to be stocking thyme, so I picked up a bunch of basil the other day thinking – Thai! Sometimes I have this terrible read more


Carrots, leek and zucchini soup

Me: “H, do you know where your pink jacket is?” Jr.H: “I gave it you to store it somewhere till the next Winter.” We try to flaunt our winter wear as much as possible in that one week of chill that December provides and then store them neatly till the next year.  Officially we do read more


Musk melon soup with coconut milk

I was surprised seeing the number of mails that landed into my in-box after my last post on gluten free cupcakes was published. Surprised pleasantly. A few expressed happiness as the cupcakes did not contain any exotic or not-so-easily-available ingredients, and that they were just happy to have something healthier than all purpose flour, which read more


Palak Shorba ~ Spinach Soup – II

I have posted a recipe for spinach soup earlier, but this is a milder, quicker version, and made differently. Quicker because I have vegan stock in my freezer all the time and I make sure I have at least a glass of coconut milk stocked in my fridge every other day. All I need to do read more


Pumpkin Soup with coconut milk

The good thing about pumpkin is that once pureed it has a smooth, creamy texture that eliminates the need for cream or cornflour. That makes it perfect for soup. All one needs is to balance the spice level, flavour and the level of sweetness which depends on the pumpkin variety. It is always good to read more


Kaddu ka shorba – Ashgourd soup | Eggless | Dairy free | Vegan |

  This is my own recipe inspired from the traditional Kerala dish called ‘olan’. Olan is a stew made of ashgourd / white pumpkin / yelavan(Malayalam) / pooshnikai(Tamil) / Kaddu (Hindi) cooked and floated in thick coconut milk and a whole lot of well cooked black-eyed-peas in it. It tastes divine. But views are divided read more