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Olan – Ashgourd stew in coconut milk


OLAN is a ridiculously simple and extremely delicious curry from my hometown of Palakkad, and of Kerala and the Konkan regions. We use ashgourd (Safed bhopla | White pumpkin) a lot in Palakkad, by itself or mixed with other vegetables. Many of the recipes from my region are bland, with the flavour of vegetables dominating read more

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Food Photography Recipes

Ribbon Pakodam – Gram Flour and Rice Flour Crispies

Ribbon Pakodam |

Known in various Indian languages as Ribbon Pakodam, Ola Pakoda, Aaku Pakodi or Nada Thenguzhal, these gram flour and rice flour crispies are easily prepared savouries that form part of snacks called ‘bakshanam’. Bakshanam  literally means food, but has come to be used as a term that specifically refers to snacks, both sweet and savoury, read more

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Kathrikkai Rasavangi – Curried Aubergines with chickpeas

When I first made kathrikkai rasavangi, I used a recipe off the web, and called my mother to tell her about it.  This was many years back and my mom was flabbergasted when I said I had added lentils.  Does that not make it sambar then?  There is not much difference in the ground spices read more


Yelavan kootu – Ashgourd with lentils and coconut, Iyer style

Kootu in Tamil, literally translates as ‘addition’ in English.  That explains this simple side dish from Tamilnadu. If you are taking your first steps as a cook, this is the kind of dish that gives you encouragement and confidence to venture further. It is simple, does not need elaborate prepping and rarely goes wrong. A read more


Vella Payaru – Black eyed peas in a jaggery based sweet

  When we cook black-eyed-peas in a sweet roast, we call it ‘vella payaru’. It literally translates as ‘jaggery with black eyed peas’. This is the offering I made today as prasad or bhog. It is a very tasty dish, and gets done in minutes. Since I am blogging a dish every day, I am read more


Appam – Jaggery and Rice spheres

Appam has a first name.  Some people prefix ‘unni’, as in unniappam and some ‘nei’ as in ‘neiyappam’.  As you move up West along the Konkan coast, appam become appe.  The basic recipe remains the same but the sweetness is reduced and some lentils get added to the batter.  Appam has many variations.  My sister, read more


Coconut milk and mint pulao – Rice in the main

Mr. P extracted two delicious cups of thick coconut milk yesterday to make thai curry.  Being the temperamental cook that I am, half the coconut milk went into a porridge. I used up the remaining in today’s pulao.  Thai curry has been postponed because it does not fit in with my veganmofo theme – Indian. read more