Carrot poduthuval ~ A traditional stir-fry recipe

“Mummy, you like this very very much, don’t you?”  The girl asked. “Hmmm….,” I replied, still digging happily and a tad greedily into my bowl of sweet and mildly savoury carrot stir-fry.  I knew I would go for a second, more generous helping. “Then, why is it not on your blog yet?”  She queried. “Too read more


Suvir’s beans poriyal ~ Stir fried green beans with coconut

It is festival time! Navratri is special because this is an annual ‘remembering-my-girlfriends’ ritual for me. We gather together for long chats, delicious snacks and catch up on the year’s gossip. Just the joy of being around them, is enough inspiration to cook up the best meals, and the thought, washes away tiredness that creeps read more


Kathrikkai Curry ~ Roasted eggplants

Kathrikkai curry as it is known in Tamil is a simple eggplant roast, perfect with rasam-rice, dahi-rice, or kadhi-rice.  It is aromatic and quite spicy, but not the kind that will burn your tongue.  Best had with bland dishes to spiral the yum quotient. The eggplants used here are small, oblong, very firm, purple ones. read more


Sevai ~ South Indian rice noodles using sevai press | Stringhoppers

At this point in my life I am continuing to be besotted by steamed rice flour preparations.  It started with Ganesh Chaturthi when we prepare rice flour dumplings and suddenly the whole process seemed so easy that I seem to be making dumplings of various kinds or steamed rice flour preparations, all month long! Sevai read more


Vatha kozhumbu and Paruppu thogayal – Hot and sour gravy

Vatha kozhumbu’ is a favourite amongst most Tamilians, with little variations from house to house. It is hot and sour like its Chinese counterpart, but is not a soup. It fills the gravy part of a South-Indian meal and is taken with rice with a dry side dish or chutney. Vatha kozhumbu is a colloquial term read more


Uppu kozhakottai with moong-dal | Payatham Paruppu Kozhakottai

The months from August till December are dangerous months for ‘weight-watchers’ for Indians. It is sadder when you are the kind whose weight gain shows up as inches round the middle! Lord Ganesha who is said to have a huge belly, and a good appetite has his birthday celebrated in a big way with many read more


Vegan buttermilk – four variations

During my pre-vegan days, every Navratri I would offer my friends badam milk (almond milk) as a prelude to snacks before handing over haldi-kukum.  It was a tasty drink.  How can almond ground and added to milk, boiled and reduced to half its volume and sweetened with sugar, garnished with bruised saffron threads not be read more


Idli with tomato chutney

Every two weeks my son makes it a point to remind me that I haven’t made idlis in a long time. A long time, being just ten to 15 days. I am not sure why people like idli so much. I myself am not too fond of it. I always loved dosas. These days however, read more


Keerai Masiyal ~ Mashed greens

Last night I slept late in the night after watching bits of two movies. I was curious about the end of the horror movie but watching horror movies sometimes makes me queasy so I missed all the important scenes by switching over a French comedy on ‘World movies’. In the end I did not understand read more