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Vegan pear frangipane tart

Pear and almond frangipane tart

Frangipane (fran-juh-pan) is a sweet filling used in many desserts. It is made of almond meal, and predictables like eggs,sugar, butter and a small helping of flour. The flour, I think is just to help the almond meal firm a little. Once baked, the crust turns firm and golden and the rest of the filling read more

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Sesame and Balsamic Glazed Asparagus Cranberry Tart

I am sure as bloggers you too have gone through this experience – bonding beyond boundaries with ‘faceless names’ that later blossomed into cherished friendships, haven’t you?  Then there are friends who connected more than others, so much that they became your family, even though you have never met them.  I am proud to have read more


Vegan Black Christmas Cake with rum

I am drunk!  Absolutely boozy!  I am rum! Not me, darlings! It’s my Christmas cake. I do not drink save a rare tequila or a glass of wine. A girl is allowed that much distraction, right? Whatever I have stocked is stuff I use for cooking. The fact that alcohol evaporates makes it easier to read more


Thin crust vegan cherry tart

Did I mention last time how P tends to stock the refrigerator?  Well, this time he outdid himself!  On a recent trip to Manish Market (the fruit market in Crawford) he got excited seeing all the juicy fruits and hauled them in kilos.  When I visit Crawford Market, I know my tendency to go overboard read more


Gluten free, vegan, apple crumble pie

Sweet baked tarts and pies were not commonly available in most bakeries in India two decades ago. When I decided to give up eggs, all the bakeries decided to start stocking tarts made with eggs, and when I gave up milk, they seemed to have got the message right off, and everyone had cute eggless read more


Summer Fruit Tartlets – Vegan

Recipe: Vegan Summer Fruit Tartlets (with cherries, mangoes, bananas and pears) Yield from crust: About 18 1.5″ tartlets and two 7″tarts The Crust – Common for both the tartlets: Ingredients: Flour = APF – 1 cup + Whole wheat pastry flour – 3/4 cup + Fine rice flour – 1tbsp. Very cold water – 1-2tbsp. read more