Tomato rice

There are wheat persons, rice persons and millet persons and I fall in the middle. I swing from wheat to millet when at times but I rest on plain rice or one of it’s numerous avataars. Today I present tomato pulav. Oh no, it’s not thakkali chaadam.  Tomato pulav is more fluffy and dry. I like both the versions. Potato chips completes the meal. How I go about it depends on the ingredients in hand. I generally add all pulav vegetables but I love it with just potatoes, peas and babycorn. Today I had spring onions so these went in with a lot of greens. A stick of lemon grass ups the taste quotient.

Recipe: Tomato Rice / Pulav

Rice (I use kolam rice, but basmati is generally the preferred one here) – 2 cups
Tomato puree – 2 cups
(Wash and quarter 3 medium sized tomatoes or more if needed. Place in a mixer and grind into a puree with seeds and skin. Hold the lid tight or the puree will spray all over. You can optionally blanch in hot, boiling water for ten minutes after making a slit on the top of the tomato. Drain and peel the skin, and then puree. But I recommend using the skin.)
Veg. stock or water – 1 + 1/2 cups
Potato – 1 cut into long wedges
Onion – 1, sliced thin
Spring onion greens – 1/2 cup, cut into 1″ long pieces
Tomato – 1 big one, sliced
Ginger – 1″ stem, julienned
Green Chillies – 1, slit longitudinally

Jeera/Cumin seeds – 1 tsp.
Bay leaf – 1 small
Cinnamon bark – 1″ long
Chhoti elaichi (Green cardamom) – 2, very slightly crushed
Black pepper – 5
Cloves – 2
Oil – About 1+1/2 tbsp.


Wash rice, drain and set aside for about 1/2 an hour.

Heat oil, splutter cumin seeds and add the rest of the spices.

When the cloves splutter, add slit green chillies and ginger.

When the ginger turns pink add the sliced onions. Saute till they caramalize.

Next add rest of the veggies, stock/water and tomato puree. Add salt.

When the liquid boils add the drained rice.

Cook till the rice is just done.  I cook in the pressure cooker for 5 minutes in sim after putting on the whistle (about 7-8 minutes till steam comes out and whistle is placed), opening only after the cooker cools completely (after about 20 minutes). This way the rice gets perfectly done and not mushy.

Serve with chips and raitha on the side.


Harini is a vegan food photographer, writer and recipe developer. She also loves feeding birds, reading, watching crime thrillers, and travelling amongst other things.

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  • Srivalli

    pictures are mouth watering H!..looks great!

  • PG

    yummy recipe, wonderful photos and what a neat header! wow! Looks lovely!


    Wow,thats a nice twist to add spring onion to tomato rice, my MIL adds baby corn in circles…

  • Sharmi

    very well captured. looks so comforting.

  • Sagari

    tomato rice looks deleciouss

  • Suma Rajesh

    looks great and delicious..

  • Mrs.French

    oh my…this looks absolutely divine…xo

  • LG

    We too love Tomato Rice. Clicks are beautiful. You have few awards in my blog.

  • Dibs

    I love Tomato bhaath. Adding capsi and babycorn would make it all the more yummy! Nice one.

    Have some awards for you at out blog! Do pick them up.

  • sowmya

    nice colour..a tempting picture..

  • Divya Vikram

    Tomato rice is comfort Food! Looks too inviting.


    looks great .. am sure it tastes even better .. I just ate tomato rice for lunch today .. loved ur version

  • vidhas

    Awesome reipe and beautiful clicks . Adding baby corn sounds great

  • Vij

    Lovely entry!! beautiful colour! They look so yummy n tempting!

  • Sujatha

    I’m like you, I miss rice if I skip it even for 2 days.. 🙂 Tomato rice looks perfect Harini! One of my favorite comfort foods 🙂 Your version is slightly different than mine, got to try your way next time..

  • Joanna

    this is some fancy rice! i’m so glad to see you put baby corn in there. i never knew what to put baby corn in besides stir-fries.

    i saw your question on my blog about the apple cider vinegar. since there’s only a tablespoon in the muffin recipe, white wine vinegar or lemon juice would work fine. these muffins were really good. i felt like i was eating peanut butter cake- i used a fork just to get the effect haha

  • Jaishree

    Tomato Rice Looks lovely and colorful.I like your version and the pics.

  • Vaishali

    Gorgeous, gorgeous Tomato pulav, Harini. And it looks really healthy too. Rice is a big hit at our home too, particularly with the hubby, and it’s impossible to avoid it.

  • raaji

    beautiful picture…..i love ur pics.they make me stay here….

  • Gita's Kitchen

    Tomato rice is my all time favorite.. Adding capsicum and baby corn is a good variation to this one…

  • Uma

    looks so delicious and colorful!

  • Supriya

    Tomato rice looks delicious. I too feel my meal is incomplete if I don’t have rice. I’ll try this one.

  • Happy cook

    Beautiful pic and delicious rice.
    Yeah i too love rice, .

  • Usha

    Looks lovely and colorful, great pics…

  • Aparna

    I’m a champion of one dish meals, though you wouldn’t know it from my blog.:)
    And your picture is very, very good, Harini. I liked it.

  • Sunshinemom

    Cham, Bharti, Red Chillies, Arundathi, Jayashree – Thanks!

    Sweatha – I would love to see your version too! As for the role of honey – now I am curious:)

    Jayasree – I hope you enjoy it as much as we did:)

    Simran – Same pinch!

    Sharmila, Jaya – I don’t enjoy drained rice – talk about fussy behaviour!

    Vegetablej – Thanks for the visit, and your valuable remarks!! I am not much of vegetable chutney person but I enjoy these very much -Paruppu Thogayal / Lentil Chutney,
    Pudina / Mint Chutney.

  • vegetablej


    Your pictures are all making my mouth water, and I just ate! Since I love Indian vegetarian cooking, I’m excited about your recipes. I’ll be back to drool, and try some of them. I wonder if you might have a recipe for a good homemade chutney?


  • Jaya

    this looks so good :)…..
    and dito with Sharmila, I too drain water after cooking rice..
    hugs and smiles

  • Sharmila

    I can’t do without rice too 🙂
    But I drain the water I cook it in .. so it is quite light for me.
    The snaps are absolutely awesome!

  • Simran

    Looks lovely and colorful.

    I just posted something for rice mela too 🙂

  • Jayashree

    This is one rice that can be as simple or as hearty as you want it to be. I like your version and the pics.

  • Curry Leaf

    H,I have seen your comment in Aparna’s blog.This is to clarify the confusion I created.

    I am not sure now that honey is used for gluten development.The recipe I used for bagels,used honey,yeast and some wheat for making homemade gluten,which is then added to the wheat flour and then dough is made.The recipe said wheat being denser,we have to add gluten and so this.
    after that I always thought that for wheat based breads if honey is used ,then its for gluten.
    Well,it shows such a ‘good’ bread baker I am.Waiting for a wonderful BBD recipe from you(well it can be purple /black :))God knows how mine will turn out with/without honey? Sorry for the confusion I created.

  • jayasree

    Liked this one pot pulav. Shall give it a try. Pics are tempting as always.
    Appreciate your effort to mail abt ur poruvalangai correction.

  • Curry Leaf

    Beautiful Pic and favourite recipe.I am a tomato lover and this is my version is bit diff.Though.

  • Arundathi

    mmm this is a huge favorite at home! lovely pictures.

  • Red Chillies

    Beautiful picture and a hearty recipe. EVen though it is very simple, I can never make a decent tomato rice. I need to try this version.

  • Bharti

    That looks really tasty! I love rice like that as well.

  • Cham

    For pulaov is basmati and Takkali sadam short grain. Both are great tasting … Great entry!

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