Vegan mocha-walnut brownies

I came to know about brownies fairly recently, about 10-12 years back. Before that the only brownies I knew were the ones that praned around with pixies in Enid Blyton.

The recipe I am sharing today is not for people with allergies to gluten and nuts, although vegan. You can adapt the recipe to make whichever flavour you like. Use fresh, naturally sweet orange juice instead of coffee, macadamia or hazelnuts instead of walnuts and a dash of cinnamon if you fancy the spice to vary the flavours. The brownies are soft, very chocolate-y, with a mild hint of coffee, and very moist.

Many readers had written in or commented that I use coconut milk a great deal and that they find it difficult to make their own, especially those who like me will not use the canned versions. I have tried to minimise the effort here. 

Recipe: Vegan mocha walnut brownies 
Yield: 12 large pieces
Baking time: 20-25 minutes
Note: Indian cup sizes measure 20% less than American cup sizes.

For batter:

Dry ingredients:
Sorghum flour (Jowar) – 1/3 cup
All purpose flour (Maida) – 1/3 cup
Cornstarch / Arrowroot powder – 2 tbsps.
Instant coffee powder – 1.5 tsp.
Baking powder – 3/4 tsp.
Salt – a small pinch
Granulated sugar – 1/2 cup
Walnuts, roughly chopped – 1/3 cup + 2 tbsps.

Wet ingredients:
Neutral flavoured oil (I used sunflower) – 1/3 + 3 tbsps.
1 medium sized tender coconut:
Water should be about 2/3 cups and the white portion should be soft and tender and measure 1/2 cup loosely packed
Water – about 1/3 cup or more if needed.
Dark chocolate, shaved/grated/roughly chopped – 175g (75g + 100g)

Dark chocolate and whipped cream (optional)


Measure dry ingredients and aerate the flour by running briefly in a mixer for a minute. This also ensures uniform blending.

Drain water from tender coconut and scoop out the white portion. Measure as needed and eat the rest as it is. Chop the measured coconut white roughly.

Melt 100g of dark chocolate in a double boiler or microwave in spurts for a minute. Mix well.

Run the oil, coconut water and coconut in a mixer till well blended and the coconut pieces are almost ground. A few small chunks are fine as they add texture.

The result will be an emulsion. Pour into a bowl and mix the melted dark chocolate to this.

Add the wet ingredients to the dry and mix well till you get a pourable batter. The batter should not be hard. If needed add water by tablespoons. Add the rest of the chopped chocolate. Mix once again to distribute the pieces evenly. The batter should not be too thin, should be like regular cake batter.

Pour into a prepared 8×4″ jelly pan. I find a jelly pan better than a cake tin as brownies are not meant to rise like a cake. A jelly pan ensures that your brownies, however fudgy or soft, do not break when they are turned over.

Pre-heat oven to 160 deg. C and bake for 20-25 minutes. Check after first 20 minutes. The top should not be sticky and a toothpick inserted in the corners will come out clean but in the center will come out with a few minute crumbs. Please note that ovens are different. Some ovens need a higher temperature and more cooking. If you have burn points in your oven, change the position of the tin by 180 degrees to ensure even cooking and prevent burning.

Let cool for ten minutes before turning out. If you are skeptical about the brownies breaking up, cut into pieces in the pan itself.

These are very soft and crumbly, but hold their shape in hand. They absolutely melt in the mouth and taste best served warm, with a dollop of whipped vegan cream. I believe that the fudgy texture is because of the use of gluten free flours.

I melted some dark chocolate and added cream making a ganache and applied it on one piece for my son but he felt it was chocolate overdose. So I had to pipe more cream on top to neutralize the overdose!

If you love chocolate maybe you should try the ganache!

The vegan whipped cream I used this time was a new one for me. It is called tropolite and is ready vegan whipped cream made with vegetable oil. I felt that the texture and taste was much better than Rich non-dairy cream. Tropolite non-dairy cream is available in smaller packages than Rich which works well for me. However, it is a synthetic preparation with many additives and is best used sparingly.

This brownie has the softness of chocolate, the richness of coffee and the crunch of walnuts. The batter is your canvas. Fill it up with what ever fancies you.

The tender coconut blended with coconut white makes an easy substitution for coconut milk and I found that it is a great substitute for egg. I have used this in making savoury cakes as well and even the gluten free version comes out as soft as the one made with all purpose flour. If you do not have access to tender coconut use your preferred choice of vegan milk. You can choose from rice milk, soy milk, nut milk, hemp milk or my favourite – coconut milk. You will require about 3/4 cup of the substitute.


Harini is a vegan food photographer, writer and recipe developer. She also loves feeding birds, reading, watching crime thrillers, and travelling amongst other things.

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